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Introduce and narrate the applications of Work study and Method Engineering

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Introduce and narrate the applications of Work study and Method Engineering

Work study is the process in which we study the factors of time study with the motion study to figure out a way that increase the productivity of the company or organization. In work study we are committed to find the best way possible for doing any work and to avoid the moves that are unnecessary movements.
work study and method engineering lecture

In work study our main aim was to use the resources in a good way so that to reduce crap and improve productivity, Keep in mind that work study is carried out with reference to three important components of any organization

A.      Man
B.      Material
C.      Machine

The most important thing that specialists always ally on is Productivity. When Management call for work study to improve the productivity, they aim it

·         To examine the way that certain activity is carried out with systematic ways
·         Where are resources use with unnecessary way
·         To reduce the unnecessary work methods
·         To set a standard work time
·         Simplify the methods with good modeling skills

                                                                      Objective of the Work Study

The objective of the work study is

·         Increase the productivity.
·         Decrease the total time taken to make a product.
·         Give a better reward system to hard working workers.
·         To increase job security.
·         Increase profitability
·         Decrease the cost
·         Establish a standard of work for everyone.

                                                                  Applications of Work Study

Following are some of the applications of the work study:

1.       Work study increases the productivity of an organization. Productivity is defined as the ratio of output by input, Productivity in terms of labor can be defined as output/hour worked, So by increasing the output by work study the productivity of labor increase by default.

2.       One of the applications of work study is that the method that we develop with the help of work study can easily be implanted and make into the shape.
3.       Production capacity can be evaluated.
4.       It is beneficial for the workers safety.
5.       Using work study we can find out how much production will be done in hourly or weekly.
6.       It is Beneficial till we use work study methods.
7.       Work study is the systematic way of finding a problem, so we study the problem and make a solution for it which benefits the organization we work on.

The Five steps procedure followed in the work study are the following

1.       Seeking a Job: To start your work study research you need to select a job- - A job is the initial work Material that we observe and make decsion on the basis of our observation.

2.       Getting and noted the  data: Observe the every change in the product life cycle and write it down, you have to take important decisions on basis of that data.

3.       Questioning Every Step followed by Production System: You must have to question the every step followed previously.  Deleate some of the elements to see the results.

4.       Develop a method and Test It: Think of the better idea to test and do contiously expermentation to develop a better way to work study--- Time study and Motion Study.

5.       Installing and Making Improvement: As the famous saying in Engineering is “Nothing is perfext in Engineering World” this shows that there is always a room for Improvement the process or System.

Work study is a very important tool for increasing the productivity of a Product. It is a set of basic tools that are used to study the Two important work study techniques such as Time study and Motion study. In the end section we describe the application of the Work study to any organization.

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How to get US UK traffic to your Blog/website with 2 easy tactics

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How to get US UK traffic to your Blog/website with 5 easy tactics

One thing that you may note that the united states or united Kingdom traffic have a maximum Cost per Click when coming to sites that are AdSense optimized, so most of the blogger think that how they got traffic from United Kingdom or United States. Here in this article we find out the five best ways that you can get a traffic of 5,000 to 10,000 from a US or UK based visitors.
us uk traffic tactics for a google adsense page website

The first and foremost question a blogger must ask before getting a traffic from United Kingdom or United states is ‘Why I am getting traffic and what monetized ways I am using that will pay me?” Know if your question Contain Google AdSense ads and Affiliate Marketing then you are on the right Track and you can benefit from These 5 mention techniques with ease.

Once my blog got a click and when I see through my stat. the single most click give me a lump sum of $2.2 from just a Single click then I find out from which country the click are come and I found that the name of the country were united Kingdom.

So, from the above situation we learn that
United Kingdom Cost per Click is very High and the top performing ad size is 970*90 which is on the top right side of your site.

Here are Five easy tactics that you can use to get traffic from United Kingdom or United States.

Tactics 1:
Using Google AdWords
Can you Know Google AdSense is owned by Google and at the same time Google AdWords is also own by Google. Advertizers come to Google Adwords to advertize their product on Google Platforms such as YouTube and those who are using Google AdSense ads codes on their site. Google act as third party in between Advertizer and Publisher.
So, how you use Google AdWords to get US traffic?

Easy, Go to Google AdWords account and Typw any keyword that has a Low Competition like you may type BaseBall, California Tickets, How to beauty etc. and Google AdWords give you the idea about how many people and in which geography search for this keyword. When you find out a keyword that has a high Search index then use some tools like ahref to find out that how many websites are using this keyword and what are Competition.  If there is low competiton for a keyword go for it and publish 10 to 15 articles about it and use sites like to rank your articles.

Tactics 2:

Using the Facebook Page/Method
Facebook is one of the best social media network currently making 2 billion members. So, to how to get Traffiv from Facebook Group Or make pages that is revelant to US/UK traffic.

So, try to make a Facebook page like a page that is related to United state or United Kingdom traffic and try to boost the Page in United States or United Kingdom, this will give you enough Impression to your Google AdSense

Another method is to join those groups that is related to your niche and when you publish an article, share it on that groups you will definitly get a traffic of 1k to 5k per day which will give you enough money for your living.

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Pakistan AdSense CPC Increase with five Easy Tactics

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Pakistan AdSense CPC Increase with five Easy Tactics

AdSense Cost per click in Pakistan is a very important factor for Blogspot or Wordpress blogger but the main issue come is when you don’t have traffic from countries like US or UK where Google AdSense pay you 20 times better.

Google AdSense as far as I know pay through CPM as well as CPC, Most of the Ad appear from my site is Totally Impression based and have a very little cost per click ads.

If you use Google AdSense ads then you will note that your page views will always be lesser then your impression and Google only pay you when you have impressions, so here are some of the tactics you may use to increase your CPC for your blog in Pakistan

Google AdSense CPC iNDIA

         Better Traffic: If you running a blog about tech then search on Google, the US demographics and then type find out what most American searching for. The better you target and write quality article the better CPC you got. Let say you got an average of 1000 page views that is 3k impression and let say you got a CTR of 1% then it make up 10 clicks, each click from an American will give you a minimum of $0.4 to $0.8 which make up to $4 to $8 that is good money for such a restricted domain.

2.       Keywords Searching. Let say, you write a keyword “Find a Good home in Peshawar” and write an article about it and got just one click on 500 page views can you know how much money you earn from that one click? The answer is $1 to $2 and that is just with CTR of 0.1%, which is even more, then usual. 

    Earn Money with Google AdSense in Pakistan

3.      Ad placement, I read one case study in which the author says that an ad on the top of the site has a better CPC then the ad on the bottom of the site. He also concluded that the ad size also matter because some advertiser do not want to show ad on some ad sizes which hurts the bloggers. I found the link ads and the ad sizes of 970*90 more performing then those of ad of small size. The best ad size that I would recommend is rectangular and 970*90 ad slots. Google now remove the number of ad that you can put, you can now put any ad numbers on your blog post or in home page.

4.      Social traffic Vs. Organic Traffic: There are a lot of Facebook Pages like Jawedch,, which has a lot of traffic from Social media sites, so one can easily concluded that they have CPC less than those people who has a large traffic from Search engine, because Google AdSense like traffic from search engine and give it a huge edge over others, Traffic coming from social media has a very low CPC here is the Guide how to increase your earning with a cheap traffic.

5.      Your Luck: You will never find a paragraph like this on all over the internet, why? Because most of the people don’t believe in luck, but I do! Let I give you an example. One of the person just search “Best hosting sites” and he find a site “X” when he comes to search engine again type “Can I get free hosting” and Google display my result on the first page and he click on it, when he enter in to my site now Google know about his latest interests and Google AdSense will display ad of BlueHost “A hosting site” here we go there are 70% chance that he will click on this ad and Google will show a big $2 on my dashboard.

There are some of the tips, which I want to give you people to have the best possible ad revenue
Never focus on ads, yes, you hear it right. Never ever just focus on your ads always creates great contents some users even click on ads to give appreciation to the author.

Create Great content, this will helps you to get high ranking, so high ranking mean high traffic and high traffic mean high clicks with a lot of money.

Sharing, is a social signal, share your content everywhere, use Facebook instead Facebook use you.
Pakistani Cost per click is ranging from $0.01 to $0.1. If you want to earn money, then work on the five steps above and get into $0.4 to $0.8 per click, which is a dream come true for a blogger solely based on AdSense.

 Note that Pakistani AdSense CPC or any other country AdSense has no constant or fixed values that we can say about, the five steps give above are the best estimation but still you may not get into the perfect benchmark you set for getting ad clicks, so if I has ever advice you then
“Be a man of Value and never keep money first, keep quality first”


1. How a 16 old person can be a millionaire with Google AdSense?

2. How to earn money with Google AdSense without investing a Penny?

Sharing is SEXY.
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How to earn more with Indian AdSense Account Get higher CPC And CTR


How to earn more with Indian AdSense Account Get higher CPC And CTR

AdSense is one of the best network when it come to Cost per click advertising and at the same time at also give people the choice to Earn Money through AdSense. AdSense also give publishers 68% of the revenue from per click basis and most of the top blogger in India Earn through AdSense a lot of dollars.

5 tactics For increasing your AdSense Revenue

Here in this article i will guide you how to earn more money with Being an Indian Blogger on and

CPC And CTR Indian AdSense

Table of content 

1. Factors that make your revenue high

2. Increase your Cost per click on Google AdSense

3. Increase your CTR on Google AdSense

4. Increase your Traffic to your Google AdSense optimize blog or site.

5. Indian blogs CPC and CTR

6. A story of blogger who make $4000 from Google AdSense on a month.

7. Conclusion

1. Factors that make your revenue high on Google AdSense

You may search for a lot of contents to increase your revenue but you will find that most blogger just describe the terms CPC, CTR and Impression RPM and don't give you the right answer for the your right question.
How much you get for traffic of 1000 people visit your site, that can't be correcty estimated because of some factors that we will discuss later. 
Some of the factors that depend upon the Google AdSense revenue in India are

  • Type of visitor coming 
  • Visitor from Search engine or Social media
  • Visitor has a knowledge about ads 
  • Visitor age
  • Your domain PA/DA
  • Your AdSense Domain Type {Hosted AdSense or No-hosted AdSense account}
  • Your niche
  • Your blog or website ad optimization
So, to earn maximum you need to have the traffic sources from search engine and have the best ad optimize site then your earning will be increase with time.

2. Increase your cost per click For your site
AdSense Cost per click is a very important factor that you need to have a look at every week and compare them with your previous results.
For high Cost per click you need to use a long form of targetting the right keyword with the right audience so that you will get the right type of ad and you may earn $1 per click.

So, how to increase your Cost per click from Google AdSense on Indian Traffic?
1. Always use the words that have the high CPC for AdSense. You can check the CPC of different keywords on Google AdWords.

2. Always target a single keyword on your Website, this helps the Google AdSense Robots to show the correct ads.

3. Use the Ads on the top right corner of your site. For this you can use a 970*90 ad size.

4. And try to get the Search traffic

Here is the Guide of how to increase your AdSense Earning with Keyword that don't generate enough Money on Google AdSense

3. Increase your CTR on Google AdSense

Click through rate is defined as the number of clicks you receive per 100 impressions.
So, if your CTR is between 1% to 8% then you don't need to worry about but if it cross the limits then you need to worry about the situation. Here is the Guide of How to protect your AdSense account.

So, the question is how to improve your CTR between 3% to 6%. I am sharing what i have done for my AdSense account.

1. Always use the text ads and set the link color and border color to be red.
2. Always use ads in article.
3. Always use ads in bottom of your website.
4. Try to ban those sites that you don;t like.
5. Try to get those audience that love your articles.

Note: Never ever click on your own ads, Google will notice your ip and may led you to ban lifetime on AdSense account creation.

4. Increase your Traffic to your Google AdSense optimize blog or site.

Once my blog is getting enough traffic but AdSense account showing no Clicks and no impression, i check my stat. and it shows that my traffic is mostly from mobile sites so i turn off the mobile view and after a hour my clicks and CTR going to increase at one time at reach so high that i need to keep my ads close and make it 3 visible to my blog visitors. Actually there are alot of others factors too that decide your earning from Google AdSense.

If you are a indian Blogger then try to target those audience who have a very minor knowledge about ads and Google AdSense. Tis will help you to get better traffic and better ranking too.

5. Indian blogs CPC and CTR

As a famous saying is

}Normal anything is the best thing}

So, always be careful about your AdSense.
The average CPC never exist. Why? Because may be one of your visitor come from UK and give you a click that ad you $1.70 per click at the same time when a person from India come to your site and give you a click with a CPC of $0.02. So, never ever trap into this situation.

The other thing is the CTR which is every important and you must need a care when you calculating it. When your CTR increases from 10% Google employees search and investigate your site, if they find anything that violate there TOS and terms of condition they don't think for the second and remove you for lifetime.

Indian traffic is a very cheap like all other developing countries but keep in mind if a Indian visitor click on the ad that belong to Your country then you may got a high CPC of $0.1 to $0.2 but you will never cross the limit that exist for other developed countries.

6. A story of blogger who make $4000 from Google AdSense on a month.

There was an Indian Blogger who has a lot of passion about writing and helping people, she start a blog about lifestyle and work for that blog day and night. 6 month later she ad AdSense to her blog but don't see any kind of traffic after 11 months she earns $300 per month later on when that blog has an age of 2 years, right know that Blog earns $4000, just from AdSense with a lot of Indian Traffic and she Now is a full time Blogger.

7. Conclusions

Google AdSense is one of the best site in the world of Advertising and Publishing, most people now quiting AdSense just because of Low Cost per Click but that has a very minor numbers. To drive better cost per click and CTR from your site you need to apply the above given steps for being an Indian traffic.

Indian traffic like all other developing countries traffic but still it depend upon your AdSense Optimization and the efforts you do when apply changes to your blog or website.

Still have any question. Please Ask in Comment section i will help you to solve your problem relating to Google AdSense CPC and CTR.

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Top Keywords For AdSense Optimize Sites or Blog Earn $20 Per Click

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Top Keywords For AdSense Optimize Sites or Blog Earn $20 Per Click

Keywords are the most important variable when you do or want to find out the AdSense Earning tips and tricks. Here are some of the Top high Paying Keyword that you can use on your blog to get high Cost per click From Google AdSense.

Get high Cost per Click and CTR on Your Site from Google AdSense

Here are the top 31 Niches that you need to work on to earn Maximum from your Google AdSense earnings. Most of the people when got a Cost per click of $0.3 with Asian Traffic too.


1. Rent a car in California
2. Rent a car in LV
3. Loan and Banking
4. Investment
5. Rent a car for charity
6. Automobile niches
7. Loan and how to get it?
8. Leniences
9. Engineering related
10. Binary Options
11. Hosting and domain buying
12. Review related to products
13. Real-estate and property
14. Casino
15. Banking oppertunities
16. Tech gadgets
17. Iphone
18. Cars
19. Virtual assistance
20. Dubai Jobs
21. Dubai Dating
22, Investment in Tech Sector
23. E-commerce Business niches
24. Tourists and Vacations
25. Entertainment tools
26. Copy writing
27. Tech News
28. Jally bean
29. Softwares
30. Beauty and hair remover
31. Google products

Get high Cost per Click and CTR on Your Site from Google AdSense

The given above products have a very high cost per click when it comes to Google AdSense. Try to make a niche and get traffic from search engine you will find a more higher type of cost per clicks using Google AdSense. One thing i note that if a visitor from US click on a ad you got more then $1 per click but if a visitor from India click on one of your AdSense ad then you got $0.1 per click which is ten times lesser then US click.

So, may be your niche is same but you need to have the premium traffic to get the best out of the Google AdSense.

Increase Your Cost per Click on Indian and Pakistani Traffic

Case Study

We do a case study, in which we work on a niche name "AutoMobile" and the traffic we got from Pakistan and India, the Cost per Click for that site was $0.33 and that was exceptional. Like for 30 Clicks you got $10 and that is also for just 2k pageviews. So, what we learn is your Work is also is an important factor for your success. We  have a 5k WORDS articles and for every 1000 words we insert 2 ads that sum up to 10 ads per 5000 words article and the whole traffic is coming is the search engine to our Google AdSense optimize site and we got $10 just for a small piece of work we do. So, always keep in Mind that your Search engine optimization has also a factor for your earning.

Things that we learn from the Case study 

1. A site has a DA/PA of 15 will do better then a site with DA/PA of 1, so try to write only about a specific topic and avoid the rest. Also try to buy a domain that is relevant to your contents.

2. People who come to your site has a specific requirement, you come to this site because you want to know about AdSense and its difficulties, and you may click on other articles to read about Google AdSense.

3. Write articles that is super long but keep in mind that you must need to have the proper knowledge about the subject.

4. Always use AdSense responsive Ads, that fits with the screen of the user, that look good and also visible to the user too.

5. Try to get the premium traffic like from United States and United Kingdom traffic do well as compared to traffic from Pakistan or India.

6. Every week compare with stat. of Google AdSense with the previous Week and then find what change you made that bring such good or bad results and what experiment i am going to test.

Keep In mind that these Google AdSense Keywords are very important for generating a high cost per Click $$$ FROM your Google AdSense Account.

Anything else, you want to share or you have any idea about a topic that you think you don't find the answer about, shoot it on my comment section and i will try to write about it.

Increase Your Cost per Click on Indian and Pakistani Traffic

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Space Week is coming this Year at UET, Peshawar 7 ideas for space week project

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Space Week is coming this Year at UET, Peshawar

Can you want to perform at Space week this year at University of engineering and technology from 4th of october to 10 of october 2017, then don't wait and apply as soon as possible.

Name of Projects you can present
1. Designing a Rocket
2. Astronaut Costume 
3. Researching about a Specific Topic related to space
4. Space Music
5. Designing an app that helps astronauts 
6. Doing a Public survey about Space and present your findings
7. How to land on Mars?? 

So, don't waste your time and prepare for the space week.

space week

How this helps you?

This will help you to understand the underlying facts space while your exploring about space, for project you will definitely need to have a research and present your results in front of audiences.

Good Luck for the upcoming space week at UET Peshawar from 4th of october to 10th of october 2017.

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