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How To Learn Operational Research? Full Guide to Understand the LP Problems of OR

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How To Learn Operational Research? Full Guide to Understand the LP Problems of OR

Operational Research is a very difficult subject when it comes to its understanding and most of the problems are very difficult because, converting a daily life problem into mathematics is very difficult sometimes. In this Blog post i am going to tell you about the best methods and tips to understand Operational Research problem and to get an A's into your exam.

Learn Operational research picture

First, every operational Research has three things.
  1. The first things is "Objective Function".
  2. The second thing is "Decision Varibles"
  3. The third thing is "Constrains"

Every problem have the following sets of things. Let discuss them one by one.

1. Objective Function:
We study Operational Research to solve any problem and that may involve "The maximizing" or "the Minimizing" 
The maximizing is related to the
  1. Profit
  2. Absorption
  3. Production 
The minimization is related to the following things in Operational research:
  1. Cost
  2. Time
  3. Allocation of something
So, whenever their is something that is describe as the max. or the min. then the best thing is to write it on that section.

2. Decision Variables:
 Look at the following problem:
Problem 1:
Reddy Mikks produce both interior and exterior paints from two raw materials, M1 and M2. The following table provides the basic data o the problem.

Tons of raw material per ton of
Exterior Paints
Interior Paints

Raw Material M1
Raw Material M2
Profit per ton($1000)

Decision Variables are

X1= Tons produce daily of exterior paints.
X2= Tons produce daily of interior paints
The objective function is to Maximize the daily demand. So, we write it as. 
The Objective function is   Max. Z=5X1 + 4X2

3. The Constrains:
Constrains are the limitation that problem have, in the above operational research problem the constrains are that the production of both type of paints should not be exceeded from 24 from that of raw material 1 and the same is true for the constrains 2 with value change from 6 or less.

Here are the 12 tips to better understand the Operational Research course:
  1. Do better planning for studying the course
  2. First, you need is to learn about the inequalities. 
  3. Inequalities in real life is more common then equalities, so better understand every and in which condition they will used. We will use Inequalities in our Operational Research.
  4.  Solve every problem of Operational Research.
  5. Watch YouTube Videos.
  6. Solve your own real life problem with Operational Research techniques.
  7. Invent your own way of solving Operational research problems. If you do this great step then the next thing is for you to validate it with more then 20 different style problems.
  8. Your objective must me to better understand it not to get good grades. Good grades are the side effect of learnings.
  9. Solve the most difficult problems of operational research.
  10. If you don't understand a single point, go and search the every possible way that help you to solve that problem.
  11. Help people those things of operational research that you already know. This will help you to learned it for whole life and at the same time if he know something that you don't then you will probably learned something new too.
  12. Help people those things of operational research that you already know. This will help you to learned it for whole life and at the same time if he know something that you don't then you will probably learned something new too.

 Which Softwares that we use to solve Operational Research problems?
Following are some of the softwares that we use to solve complex Operational Research based problem. These softwares help you to determine the answers of the problems and later on you can compare it with your own Manuel solved answer.
  • TORA
  • Lingo
  • Microsoft Excel (We solve Microsoft Solver to solve complex problems) 
If you still faced any problem related to Micrrosoft Excel feel free to comment. At the same time if you like this article still your comment make me happy.
Following are the some of the article which you need to read.
7 Tools for entrepreneur
What is the difference between science, Technology and Engineering? 

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Indian AdSense CPC increase in 6 tips | Earn More With Your Indian AdSense Account

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Indian AdSense CPC 9 tips | Earn More With Your Indian AdSense Account

Are you are a Indian Blogger and use AdSense for Money Earning then you need to read this article because this article is through highly research article that will help you to do increase your Cost per Click and Click through rate with these 9 tips.

Increase your AdSense earnings

Here are some article that may help you.

Approve Your AdSense Account In India/Pakistan

Now, we need to discuss that 9 tips to Increase your cost per Click with Indian AdSense Traffic.

1. Your Blog Niche: When you choose to write about a topic that interest you then this topic is going to describe your per Click earning. In India, some of the keywords are pay more then the other keywords. Keywords that local ads are shown have a high Cost per click in India then other. If you write about Product reviews and an E commerce company is running an ad, then you will get a High Cost per Click from That Indian Visitor.

2. Your Traffic coming from: If Your Traffic is from a city area then it will be high cost per click as compared to the traffic coming from the urban areas.

3. Your Indian Traffic Age: Age is also a big matter when it comes to the AdSense optimize sites, i personally note that if your visitors are less then 20 years of age then it will be better then the people with greater age, The reason is that most advertisers take the domain of teenage as his audience. So, for that Google Charge them more and hence more money for you.

4. Placement of Ad: It is been identified as the ad size at the top perform better then the ad size at the right side and at the bottom. I personally experienced this thing. The better ad size is perform is 970*90. I used this ad sizes on my blog too.

5. Your DA/PA: This is related to the your blog age and the domain age. The better the article is write the better the ranking of your page. So, if a site from the same visitor and same niche getting $1 per Click the other with high Domain authority and page authority will get to $3 per click, and this is all related to your blog authority.

You can also check your site DA/PA at

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  1. How to make money on AdSense with Viral content websites.
  2. Earn $100 per day with these 7 new methods
  3. Install Google AMP on Your Blogger Blog
  4. Get United states/United Kingdom Traffic with these 5 ways
  5. How to earn more with your Indian AdSense?
6. Type of Traffic: If Your traffic is coming from Facebook or other social media site then you will got a low cost per click, the best traffic is that traffic which comes from Search engine and Google Loves this type of traffic. The reason is that 'Google have enough data about that user but when it comes from Facebook, Google just display any random ad.

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7 Essential Business Tools for That Every Entrepreneur Must Know about

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7 Essential Business Tools for The Entrepreneurs

Starting a business venture is by no means a simple task and budding entrepreneurs have to face a host of unexpected challenges while carrying out their day-to-day operations. Capital, marketing, recruiting and sourcing supplies – all have to be managed solely by the founder of the business venture, and sometimes it seems that a day just doesn’t have enough hours to manage these tasks! Every entrepreneur hence needs to have some tools and resources handy that act as effective time-saving quick-fixes to all their problems.
7 tools for entrepreneurs

The market today is flooded with a host of options to choose from, and there are sophisticated softwares’, analytical tools and digital applications that can help any new business fast track on the path of success. As a small business owner, no doubt you are multitasking all the time, but here are some must-have tools that can make your life easier and help you manage your business model better:
  • HootSuiteSocial media is a huge game changer for any business and is the perfect way for entrepreneurs to get to know their customer base deeply. HootSuite is an online brand management service provider and can be used to control several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. This useful instrument allows you to curate content, organize it and send it from a central location so that your business can form a ‘connect’ with its target audience. HootSuite is the ideal option for new business starters as it allows them to ensure a steady stream of brand information is flowing into the digital world in accordance with the organization’s social media management strategy, thereby enhancing work effectiveness and brand visibility!

  • Canva - Canva is a great graphic design business tool and can help young entrepreneurs to get creative while designing customized presentations, social media visuals, documents and layouts. It has a user-friendly drop and drag feature which enables even non-professionals to use the pre-designed layouts to create stunning visual images which will definitely boost your marketing campaign. Canva can help you get super innovative with your promotional illustrations as its well-stocked library has thousands of previously loaded pictures, fonts, infographics and layouts which can be modified to suitable need. Designs can be conveniently imported from e-mail to social media pages and even camera roll, making this a must-have application for all growing organizations!

  • ProofHub- If there is one aspect that all entrepreneurs need to seriously manage expertly to attain commercial success, is project management. ProofHub is the all-inclusive project management application that can help managers track the rate of project completion from beginning to the end. Projects, resource allocations, timelines, team scheduling and clients can all be managed through this versatile tool. One of the best features about ProofHub is that one does not have to depend on huge email lists, hence it is a time –saver. The automated alerts and notification keep teams up-to-date on project progress, making sure that the lines of communication are open between all members.

  • Call Hippo- Any entrepreneur needs to have open, transparent and affordable communication with his co-workers and customer base – this is where Call Hippo can help any budding business. A highly subscribed to Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service Provider, Call Hippo can help any business set up its own call center in just a few minutes! It’s easy to use interface, robust flexibility and technological advances make sure the cloud computing based VoIP systems are sure shot success formula for any business. This revolutionary software can help small-medium size organizations set up quick sales and support numbers so that they can connect with their customer base more effectively. Call Hippo is sure to take your business to great heights, making sure collaboration and team communication remain at an all-time high!

  • Fiverr-This transformational vehicle for entrepreneurs is a great platform for their talent acquisition needs; it serves as a marketplace where they can recruit the best person for the vacant job positions in their organization. Fiverr is a place where entrepreneurs can network and hire freelancers for their organizational needs, and help to build their brand in the best possible way. New business owners have access to service sellers and can recruit people according to their budget and skill requirement. Buyers can also go through reviews of freelancers to make sure they are the correct match for their company. Fiverr is a utility tool for all entrepreneurs and can help them get in touch with the best professionals in their line of business.

  • Meetup- Meetup is an ideation platform – diverse people in various industries collaborate with new ideas, projects and business proposals. It is very useful for team partnership in planning, organisation and facilitating projects. The application works on a simple concept – when people come together to participate in projects that they are passionate about great results are bound to occur. Entrepreneurs can network and hire people for various fields such as content writing, graphics, visual designing, marketers and recruiters through this unique social tool. Meetup is the ideal instrument for any kind of entrepreneur – it will ensure that people come together to talk, brainstorm, plan and implement ground-breaking innovative ideas.

  • BuzzSumo- It is the era of content and BuzzSumo is an important tool that can help marketers plan their content strategy in an optimized manner. This great application helps entrepreneurs understand what kind of content is creating maximum engagement amongst the target base and also identifies key major influencers who help in enhancing brand recognition levels. BuzzSumo makes sure that your major influencers are putting out the best content on social platforms which promotes your company in the digital space. It also helps entrepreneurs understand what topics, titles and medium they should adopt to gain high levels of brand followers – it is surely an asset for any digital marketer!

Every entrepreneur needs a toolkit with a diverse range of products to ensure that their business grows in a sustainable and speedy manner. These seven tools are the secret ingredient to commercial success and are definitely going to take any new firm to glorious heights of business victory.

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How to be a tech Millionaire: Innovation and invention in technology make you a millionaire

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How to be a tech Millionaire: Innovation and invention in technology make you a millionaire

Be a Millionaire with Us

If you want become a tech Millionaire then you need to read this article, this article will help you to reach your dream as this article will specify the way to get into your dream.

If you are good reader them probably you may be know about the story of apple and the story of Google, if you have a chance to watch a movie then please invest your time by watching a movie name “The social Network”. Whatever the topic you interest you please go and read everything, watch everything and experienced everything about that topic.

If you want to be a tech millionaire then there is no perfect time to experienced this art.
You will find this article very different from the rest of the article, because whatever write here is totally based on the real life scenario. I am not gonna tell you to start coding; it is important although, and I am not gonna tell you to make something that is totally new.

Topic that we will study

Create a Source:

When you have an idea about a anything then the most important thing you need is to convert that idea into product. That is called execution. If you are interested in Execution then you may hear this word multiple times in your career. 

Your source of Money may be comes from.

Sources of Money

It is often said that "Execution is more important then idea" people even convert the worst idea into better execution and that companies sale for more then Billion's.

So, what i mean by creating a source?

Sometimes, when you present your idea in front of investors that reject it by saying "We don't see any scope of this idea" or "what is new in this idea" or "Company X already did it and they failed".
This type of thing really hurts but the best thing is "You learned something"
By creating a source mean "Have enough money generating source that powered your Idea, in converting into product and later on it also support your plan A and Plan B.

Research about the tech:
Can you know about Steve Jobs, he has a lot of interest in electronics so that is up to you that which area of technology you more interested.

But, again you need to connect the dots of your life by looking backward and find out which field, you are more interested about.
Point out the weak points:

When apple introduce Iphone, it was a touched screen unlike other phones at that time. This moves give apple a high competitive advantage over other phones and apple market goes up. At the same time apple has its own operating system. This makes Apple Iphone a different product as compared to other phones.

So, what you need to do?
You need a idea that change the product view point in eyes of the customer, the better the product and innovation you introduce the better the competitive advantage you have.

Design a tech gadget:
Now, you need to have a design a component a full part of a technology that will revolutionize the world. Then you need to convert your idea of a product into a business and make some money out of it. Sell it.

So, if a sum up the whole things, then you need to work in a field that interest you, then you will need to make a innovative solution for it, then you will need to do something that your product sells, then hire smart people, because when smart people work for you then you get to the point where you want to reach.

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How to Make Money Like and

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How to Make Money Like and  

Can You ever Heard of the name of this Pakistani Sites such as and, how they make out of there visitor, in this article i am going to tell you every bit of information about them and will also help you to get money out of your account.

First of all both these sites use Google AdSense to earn money from their visitors and this make them eligible to make content that shock the world.

Can You want to earn Money like How and earns in Pakistan then you need to create content that shock the world.

Things You need to get started:
1. A blog
2. A Facebook Page
3. A Google AdSense account.
4. Creator of content

Let discuss each and every topic one by one.

1. A Blog: 
A blog is a place where you will write articles about. This may be your owned domain like or may be hosted on Blogger or other hosted platform like .tk domain. The question that need to be ask is "Why we Need a Blog"? So, the answer is you need a blog because this will provide a place to peoples to view your content and also you have to create a space for your blogs.

  1. Install Google AMP on Your Blogger 
  2. Create a Free Blogger blog and earns $2 per day
2. A Facebook Page:
This is how sites like UrduPoint and JavedCh bring traffic from. Here is the latest screenshot attached which shows us the amount of likes of both the pages have. facebook page

So How they earn Money?

They just publish a article on Their site and if someone click on their site then they got paid.
So, why a Facebook Page is Important?

  • To get Traffic
  • To get Exposure 
Look at the above UrduPoint Page they have 8 Million Likes and they will probably earns $500 per day with just Internet and a Facebook page. 

So, Make a Good looking Facebook page and then write articles that stimulate people to visit your site. 

The Link says a Thousand word.

3. A Google AdSense Account:
If You want to start a viral blogging site then you must need a Powerful Monetizing tool called Google AdSense to make money out of the visitor coming from Social media. Keep in mind that social media traffic is often recognized as a Cheap Traffic and  Google AdSense is not gonna pay you more then $0.02 per Click but if you have a large traffic say 500K then this may help you to earn that much amount of money.

Here are some of the articles that you need to read:

4. A Creator:
A Creator help you to make content every hour and help you to make your Facebook page followers engaging and get a lot of traffic to get money out of it.

When you need to hire a content writer?
Let say, you have a traffic of 100k per day and you got 10 Clicks per 1000 visitors, so for 100k you got 10,00 clicks and you may got a money of $200. That is a good amount and you may easily hire a good content writer.

Best sites that pay through Western Union

Hope you may like this blog post and may share it with other people, this article explain the whole set of information that you need to know about the earning model of and Still have any question, ask in comment section.

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What is the difference between Science, Technology and Engineering?

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What is the difference between Science, Technology and Engineering?

There exist a difference between science, technology and engineering but this difference has never been cleared to some people. These are some confusing and interchangeable words for them from the day first. Let us see what exactly is the difference among these words and how to use them in the right place.

science technology and engineering

it is a systematic knowledge of the things that are physical have some mass and can occupy some space. The things must belong to the material world.This knowledge is always gathered through keen observations and different experiments. If the experiments prove some aspects repeatedly then they are assign a higher rank in the field of science such theories and laws.
Technology is not often a special product of science. It is due to the fact that they must satisfy the needs for the people demands. The needs might be in the form of safety, durability, usage, safety factors to name a few.

Engineering is related to both technology and science. Let me explain. Engineering typically the process in which the result is kept in mind while designing and is making of certain tool. In engineering the result obtained from science and technology are being utilized to develop certain systems for the benefits of the humanity.

The progress in the field of technology might have been influenced by many fields of knowledge that were in use. It may include scientific knowledge, engineering strategies, math solving techniques, even cultural and historical aspects to gain a few or many usable consequences.
The progress in technology is usually a result of the scientific and engineering knowledge. However technology becomes at the first place when it comes to our own (human) activities. For instance, in science we study that electrons flow in the electric conductor wires which is already known as a scientific fact. This is a new discovered fact an it can be utilized by different engineers to develop new machines for example calculators, cars, chips and many other tools of the modern technology. So we can say without hesitations that engineers and scientists can be considered as technological experts or simply as technologists.

 However this is not that simple because the relationship between technology and science have been many times came under hot discussions where the experts were about to punch each other. The experts were not only scientists rather they were from many other fields of life such as historians, policymakers. This was due to the fact that in world war II this issue was directly related to the allotment of funds to the experts and everyone was proving themselves to be the right person to be entitled with some particular title.
During World War two in the united states of America it was believed that the technology was just applied sciences and that funding the basic science was to get more and more of technological results in the right time because in war the time you also fight with the time. The lesser the time the more you can get benefits or get destroyed.

 This blog post is writen by Izhar, who also write on his blog here.
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How to earn $100 or Rs.10,000 Per Day from Internet Online With These 7 ways

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How to earn $100 or Rs.10,000 Per Day from Internet Online

Internet is a great way to earn money Online, and those people who want to earn money while you are sleeping then you need to read this article because i am going to tell you to earn $100 per day from Internet online with passive income sources.

If you want to Know more about How to approve Google AdSense account in Pakistan to monetize your website

Earn Money Online

So, here are some of the ways that will give you $100 per day income from Internet, some of them need to work on while some of them may be required to do work with.

Earn $100 per day with Fiverr:

Fiverr is a marketplace for people who want to sell his skills at $5. Fiverr is a big place for you to sell what you expert about. Let say you know about Graphic Designing then you need to sell your graphics related talent to big and small companies for at least $5 or at most $50 or even more. Fiverr is a freelancer company that help you to earn $100 per day. Let do some calculation of how to earn $100 per day with Fiverr.

Fiverr Money Freelancing Online $100

Let say, you have a gig about Logo designing and you are getting 25 order per day, yes, 25 order per day from the initial days are not possible but if you work hard for few months then this number is feasible and you can achieve even more bigger then that number i.e $100.

So, if you complete an order then you will get $4 for that will the remaining $1 is goes to the Fiverr. So, you need to complete at least 25 projects per day to get $100 per day from Fiverr. That is a very big amount when you calculate it with reference of month, that make $3,000 per month. 
But, keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day. 

Earn $100 per day with YouTube:

Can you have passion to make your own videos and goes online using YouTube, then it is time to earn money from Your videos with RUNNING Ads on your videos, for every 1000 view you may got $1 or $2 with asian traffic and with US Or UK traffic you may got $7 per thousand views. 

Earn $100 per day with Blogging:

If you have passion to write blog post or have expertize in any field that you want ti share with the world, then you have the vast opportunity to convert your passion into money by making your own website, that you will write about a good topic that you want to know. How you earn money? The best option is the Google AdSense. Google AdSense is owned by Google and one of the best monetizing source for major websites like and 

If you don't have money, 

Earn $100 per day with affiliate marketing:

If You have a handsome traffic from United kingdom or United states then it is time to add affiliate links to your blog, so for every sale they give you a commission of something more then 20%. If you sale one book of $100 then most probably you got a money of $10 to $20. So, to earn $100 per day you have to sale just 4 of five books per day. 

Earn $100 per day with AdMob

If You are a game developer then Google is here to provide you the best source to earn $100 per day with just 10k to 20k per day daily active users.
Google will display ads on your blog and if a user click on it then you will got the money of that user time.
You can also sale that App for downloading to someone for as minimum as $1 to $20 or even more. This will help you to get money but this will limit your reach.

Other Articles:

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Create Google AMP for Your Blogger Blog with Easy Steps


Create Google AMP for Your Blogger Blog with Easy Steps

Can you know that, Google update their Algorithm every day but it takes year to two to make there big update. The new Big update is to give a priority to AMP enabled sites.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile pages.

Amp picture with blogger how to add amp to blogger.

What is AMP? what is Accelerated Mobile Pages?
If your site is AMP enabled then it mean that the content created is very good for Mobile based devices and Google will give it a high priority once your blog is AMP enabled. Keep in Mind that  AMP is a Google launched project and this may not help you in going to the index of Bing or other search engines. This will only help you to be on the top of the Google search. This type of site is only good for sites that has static pages and all there content does not change with time. 

How to add Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to Your Blogger blog?
Follow the step by step process to add Accelerated mobile page loading on your blogger blog.

Step 1:Go to your blogger dashboard and click on the Theme menu.

theme blogger layout add amp

Step 2: Click on the "Edit Template"

edit template on blogger led to AMP addition to blogger

Step 3: Replace the <html> code with <html amp='amp'>

Step 4: Add the following code in the head region 
<meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,minimum-scale=1,initial-scale=1">

Step 5: Replace the </head> code with the following code

Why AMP is Important for You?

Accelerated mobile page loading is important for you for the reason to get high traffic. One of the most important thing for every blogger is Traffic and most of the traffic coming to any blog is from Mobile sites so to get high traffic you need to have a decent design of template that give a high user experience to your visitor. 

Limitation of AMP? 
There are some of the limitations that are attached to accelerated mobile page loading such as no javascript will be allowed, image will not load when you load the page but instead will load when you reach to that place where image are placed. 

The conclusions of this article is that we add a Accelerated mobile page loading to the blogger blog and then we discuss some points that why AMP is Good for your site or blog, then we explain about the limitation of AMP to yoru blog. 

Hope it helps you, if you have any question, ask it in comment section. 

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How to approve Adense in Pakistan For Pakistani/Indian Bloggers with Easy steps Google AdSense approvel

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How to approve Adsense in Pakistan For Pakistani Bloggers with Easy steps Google AdSense approval

Google AdSense is one of the platform for bloggers that give you the great Cost per Click and Impression RPM, even if you are a new blogger. Pakistani/Indian Publishers find it very difficult to approve AdSense with just writing articles, but AdSense approvel depend upon a lot of factors. Here in this article we are going to study the every bit of my experience here. Note that i approve a Pakistani AdSense with a free blogspot (blogger) domain.

Approve AdSense Account In Pakistan As Pakistani Blogger

Google AdSense approval to Pakistan/India is very struck and the few reasons may be that people click on their own ads, sell AdSense accounts or involve in other illegal activities that is against the terms of the AdSense.

If you are doing anything illegal with your AdSense account then you are that poor person that kill the goose for the Golden Egg. Don't kill it, instead get the gold eggs.

You must need to read this article to get know about increasing your Cost per Click with United states or united kingdom traffic. 

Why You need Google AdSense Account?
Google AdSense is for those people who have enough Traffic that lead them to $$ per day. So, if you have enough traffic then you need to think of the monetization ways, and one of the monetization way is to put AdSense ads on your blog.

Things that matters for your Blog Approval in Pakistan/India

First of all, take a notebook and write the following things order by order.

1. Have an About US and contact Us Page:
You need to make a page that if any user want to contact you or want to know about you, he must have a medium to do what he want. If you have already this contact us and about us page then you need to focus on the other points.

Increase Your Cost per Click with these simple tips of Your AdSense account

2. Mobile Friendly design:
Most of the traffic comes from search engine through mobile, so if your site is not mobile friendly then you need to think twice about your website/blog design so that when Google AdSense look at your account they find it mobile friendly and have a good user experience

3. Unique Content:
If there is a about us and a contact us page and your blog/website is mobile friendly but still you find it difficult to approve for the AdSense as a Pakistani Publisher then you need to write article that are 100% unique and solve someone else problem.
Most people give a reply that i write 4 article and get approved while other says i have 35 unique articles but still don't approve for Google AdSense, so my answer to people like these are please write article that have length of 1000 plus words and then write application to Google AdSense.

Unique Content

Keep in mind that traffic is not a thing for approval.   
Articles to read: Get United states/united kingdom traffic as Pakistani Blogger

4. Your Blog age: 
If you are living in united states then it is very easy to get approve of Google AdSense but if you are living in Asia or some developing country then you need to do very hard work to get on approval and sometimes it takes months to get approval Email. As the famous saying is "Rome was not build in a day" so you need to write articles and wait for the approval.
For me it takes 4 months to get the approval email from Google AdSense team.

5. Your Blog Design: 
I will give it 40/100, what you need to do is to install a blog template that is AdSense optimized and have a very good looking. People when visit your site feel that you done something different and good to note.

Every link is working and there is no fault that deceives the user.

Before applying to Google AdSense there are some keywords that if you make a blog on it will be approved very easily because Google AdSense wants to put as more ads on websites related to that niche. Here are the top 31 Keywords that you need to use on blog making.

Keep your mind very clear that once you accepted in participating in Google AdSense ad program, a new world will open to you. Here is the article that will tell you how much you can earn with Pakistani AdSense account? 

If you want to get approval, you need to follow the above five steps and the most important thing is to do the hard work, write one article per day, the article must be well research and fully presented. Google AdSense is not a difficult thing to do, you must need to be a hard working to get approval in Pakistan or India through Google AdSense.

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Open a free blogspot blog and earn $2 to $3 per day.

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Introduce and narrate the applications of Work study and Method Engineering


Introduce and narrate the applications of Work study and Method Engineering


Work study is the process in which we study the factors of time study with the motion study to figure out a way that increase the productivity of the company or organization. In work study we are committed to find the best way possible for doing any work and to avoid the moves that are unnecessary movements.

In work study our main aim was to use the resources in a good way so that to reduce crap and improve productivity, Keep in mind that work study is carried out with reference to three important components of any organization

A.      Man
B.      Material
C.      Machine

The most important thing that specialists always ally on is Productivity. When Management call for work study to improve the productivity, they aim it

·         To examine the way that certain activity is carried out with systematic ways
·         Where are resources use with unnecessary way
·         To reduce the unnecessary work methods
·         To set a standard work time
·         Simplify the methods with good modeling skills

                                                                      Objective of the Work Study

The objective of the work study is

·         Increase the productivity.
·         Decrease the total time taken to make a product.
·         Give a better reward system to hard working workers.
·         To increase job security.
·         Increase profitability
·         Decrease the cost
·         Establish a standard of work for everyone.

                                                                  Applications of Work Study

Following are some of the applications of the work study:

1.       Work study increases the productivity of an organization. Productivity is defined as the ratio of output by input, Productivity in terms of labor can be defined as output/hour worked, So by increasing the output by work study the productivity of labor increase by default.

2.       One of the applications of work study is that the method that we develop with the help of work study can easily be implanted and make into the shape.
3.       Production capacity can be evaluated.
4.       It is beneficial for the workers safety.
5.       Using work study we can find out how much production will be done in hourly or weekly.
6.       It is Beneficial till we use work study methods.
7.       W
work study is the systematic way of finding a problem, so we study the problem and make a solution for it which benefits the organization we work on.

The Five steps procedure followed in the work study are the following

1.       Seeking a Job: To start your work study research you need to select a job- - A job is the initial work Material that we observe and make decsion on the basis of our observation.

2.       Getting and noted the  data: Observe the every change in the product life cycle and write it down, you have to take important decisions on basis of that data.

3.       Questioning Every Step followed by Production System: You must have to question the every step followed previously.  Deleate some of the elements to see the results.

4.       Develop a method and Test It: Think of the better idea to test and do contiously expermentation to develop a better way to work study--- Time study and Motion Study.

5.       Installing and Making Improvement: As the famous saying in Engineering is “Nothing is perfext in Engineering World” this shows that there is always a room for Improvement the process or System.

Work study is a very important tool for increasing the productivity of a Product. It is a set of basic tools that are used to study the Two important work study techniques such as Time study and Motion study. In the end section we describe the application of the Work study to any organization.

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