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How To Be More Productive In Pakistan Or India | Be a Productive Person In Asia

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     How To Be More Productive In Pakistan Or India | Be a Productive Person In Asia

Productivity is the world that we often used for our Worker in the company but we never think of the productivity that is related to us. For me Productivity of a person is “The person who do wok which is required for him, or demanded,  and at the same day he should do things what makes him happy”

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So, here are six most important things you need to be more productive:

Make friends that are more productive then you:
As a famous saying is “You is the average of your all friends” So, keep friends that are more productive then you. If your friends are not enough productive then this means they will also don’t allow you to work or distribute you from working.

Wake Up at Morning:
Most of the successful people wake up early at the morning and this is so true that those who wake up early in the morning perform better than those who are night owls.
If you want to know more about this topic read the book “The Miracle Morning” or Try to read this short review of The Miraclemorning.

Find a time that you feel more Productive:
It is not necessary to wake up early in the morning just because a lot of people succeed using the early morning approach.
Find a time that you can do the best of the work on that time and then try to just do a specific task at that time with no mobile phones or other disturbing gadgets.

Do 1 thing every day that you never do before:
Do, one thing every day that you never do it before, when you do things that you never do that, your mind can have a multiple type of experience and then with the passing time you mind also get trained of new circumstances and can perform better during stress situation.

The 10 Point Rule:
When you wake at the morning, try to write 10 most importance things that you will do before you got sleep.

Let say I completed the nine things to do and can’t do the remaining one then try to figure out what wrong happens. The other approach is that if you completed the eight points, then this mean you get 8 Marks and do that for every day and write it down.

At the end of the week tries to sum up all the numbers and divide it with 7. You will get the average of the week.
If you lies between 8 to 10 then it is good, if not then you need to take the 10 points rule quiet serious.

Just do that:
You got a assignment or anything to do a work, don’t wait for the perfect time, don’t wait for the time that you don’t have any work, just do that.

There is no perfect time for anything to do. Just do whatever is in your mind. The world is full of opportunities and don’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door, just create the one.

So, if you want to be more productive then you need to have the best plan and do apply all the steps I have shown In this blog post. Keep reading and don’t waste your time in things that you don’t have any interest.

Keep in mind that the time that you spend on things that you like is not time wasted but instead Time invested.

Everybody in this world wants two things “Happiness and Security”

If You is doing anything for these two then it is ok. Go!
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The Miracle Morning Shortest Review Get The Main Idea of The Book

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The Miracle Morning Shortest Review Get The Main Idea of The Book

Mythical morning, Book Review, TechMintle, Get best morning routine,

In Miracle morning there is a new technique that’s called “The Life S.A.V.E.R.S”

S is for Silence:
Most people start their day with the social media, checking Emails and stuff, that most people find it difficult to be successful. Successful people are the daily practitioners of the silence.
You have a Numbers of Choices to practice the silence that may be in the form of
  §  Prayer
  §  Yoga
  §  Gratitude

A is for Affirmation:
Affirmation is the tool that one need to remainder himself of what he want to be in future, what is his future goals, the reminder must be on daily basis.

V is for Visualization:
Visualization is a technique for using your imagination to create what you want in life.
How to do that?
First, write your life goals or goals, second, read it every day, third, Set for five to ten minutes to visualize the specific actions required to achieve your goal(s).

E is for Exercise:
A Few Minutes of Exercise can boost up your confidence, improves your health and your emotional well being.

R is for Reading:
If you want to be the most successful person then you need to do what 99% of the successful people recommends and that is Reading. One of the tony Robins famous Quotes is “Success Leaves Clues.”

S is for Scribing:
Scribing is another word for Writing. By getting your thoughts in the words form you get additional insides, ideas and breakthroughs. As Tony Robins has Said “A life Worth living is a life worth recording”

Final Thoughts on “The Life S.V.A.R.A.S”

Everything is difficult before it is easy; every new experience is uncomfortable before it is comfortable. The more you practice the life S.V.A.R.A.S the more natural and easy it will be look like.

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How to Brand Yourself in Pakistan or India | Be A Brand In Pakistan Or India

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     How to Brand Yourself in Pakistan or India | Be A Brand In Pakistan Or India

Branding is defined as to promote yourself or your company and create a positive image in the society or in the country. Branding is very important for the purpose to increase your influence and impression in the society.

Branding, In Pakistan, Getting customers, Branding,

So, here are the 3 most important things that you need in order to Brand yourself or your Company.

1. Social Media Presence:
First thing first, the most important of all time is to increase your social following. According to one report of Facebook “They now have a user base of 2 Billion” yes, you hear it right. Facebook has more than 35% of the world population, this mean that you need to engages your followers and to make sure that you get more followers, more followers means more users or more sale of your products.
In Pakistan or India, people use Facebook a lot and for that purpose you need to approach your target audience through either paid or Organic way in order to get them on the table.

2. Do a Charity Work:
To get something in this world you must have to pay something for that. And at the same time if you want to get a following then you need to do a charity work. Here in Pakistan or In India there is a lot of poor and deserving people out there, you can organize a charity party or even make an NGO for Charity purpose, appear out there and try to do everything that you need to show your face.

3. Appear In The TV:
Again, People of Both the countries, Pakistan and India, consume their 10 to 15 years of their life in front of TV. This is why you need to show them your face, when you show them your face and your name then they only thing they do is to search for you, to find your lifestyle, then they may be your permanent follower.
Come up with a better idea in front of your Target audience or the industry you work in. Do a thing that your followers attract the most.

4. Do Visit any Seminar:
If a seminar is happening near to you then try to contribute, try to do things sometimes free of cost but keep in mind that don’t tell the whole story. Always never tell your whole thing to the person that want something for free but just guide him.

5. Write Article In Newspaper:
People of Pakistan and India mostly interest in Politics so try to write an article about Politics or a political party. People will recognize you when you write twice or thrice.
Create a Game:
This one is my Favorite. When you create a game, then people will take a interest in it. How to create a game? This is a very tricky question but still a soluble one.
How to create a game?
Do something that is very controversial and note worthy but keep in mind the limits. Don’t cross the limits but choose a topic that you see some points to create controversy. As, you may heard a famous quote “Every Advertising is a positive advertising

What you need to promote yourself or your Company?
Can you know about Google? Yes, everyone knows about Google, Google is a search engine but can you know about QQ. No. a Chinese may know about QQ and Google too. Why? Because, people who knows Google are more than QQ. So that people promote the name of the Google.
When you make yourself a brand or your company a brand then whatever you present in front of your audience they love it and want to buy at. In Corporate world, Customer is the king. So, the only thing you have is to approach a person that want your product, and when you show them the right product and the quality product they come again and again.
Things that you need to keep in Mind while branding yourself:
A. Make sure that you have expertise in a specific field.

B. Always approach your audience, your target audience. Let me give you an example, let say you approach a person who is age 50 and he become your follower but you are producing a thing that is not for that person but a person for age group 11 to 20. Then your approach is not good and you should review your mistake and try to target those who are your target group.

C. Don’t ever try to tell yourself that you learned everything about your topic of interest. If you stop reading, you stop learning. And those who is in competition with you will win the race.

So, last but not least, appear everywhere your target audience is appearing, either through social media site or through charity work. Keep reading and learn a very bit of information that is necessary for your skill.

So, this is all about branding yourself in Pakistan or In India. You still have question about any content then try to ask them in the comment section. 

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Pakistani Freelancer Rank Third In Most Earning From Freelancer In Pakistan

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Pakistani Freelancer Rank Third In Most Earning From Freelancer In Pakistan

In a Business every body want to do things at lower cost and at good standing but finding such a solution is very difficult and time consuming, for that purpose different Internet Companies are made which help Business owners and people who have skills that that niche, connected it and for that they pay certain commission to the companies too. 

freelance, Pakistan, Model, How to earn,

So, when you hire someone from other area and that have no connection with the company still he.she work for you then this type of thing is called outsourcing. 

If, we see the future then the future of Outsourcing is looking bright and those will only survive that have some skill (s), Because Artificial Intelligence is going to do the most of the work.  

According to the latest news, a Freelancer Company, the most famous one, Rank Pakistan as the 3rd most freelancer hub of the Internet. This is looking a good thing for Pakistan and in future this will also create more jobs in the future for those who have skills in the field of 

1. Digital Marketing
2. Logo Designing
3. Online lessons
4. Voice Over
5. Card Designing

If You have all these skills then you can Earn Money from Fiverr (A Freelancing website)

All you need is the skill. 

According to a recent Report "Pakistani Freelancer Earns $1 Billion this year from the Internet" which means Pakistani Freelancer bring a bunch of Money to the Country.

According to one report Pakistani Freelancer Market Cap is going to double till 2020. This means we will be the Number 1 in the market of Internet Outsourcing beating the world. 

So, if you want to participate in the development of the country, you can do that by Learning a skill and sell your service to people who need it. 

Here are some of the websites that you can visit to check how freelancer works:
Fiverr, Freelancer and Elance are the three most dense money websites that you can easily sell your services. 

I Visit to a digital Youth Summit in which a girl ask a question to the host that "Can Pakistan have any Sites that offer such service?"

The host answer the girl as "Yes, Pakistan has websites that do provide the same sevice as other but the problem is that they are not Internationally Recognize" 

Some of the sites of Pakistani Origin are; and many more you can search it on Google too. 

So, all we need to do is to make sure that we have the skill and have a proficient skill in order to earn a lot of money from Freelancing sites. 

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The Principles Of Success By Imran Khan PTI Chairman

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The Principles Of Success By Imran Khan PTI Chairman  

Recently i passed with a video in which Imran Khan, the chairman and the founder of the Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf, in which he says if you want big success in life then follow this three Golden rule that i followed in my life. 

  1. Think Big
  2. Don't Quiet
  3. Review your Mistakes. 
Let me explain every point with the description.
1. Think Big: 
When you think big, you have objectives that is more difficult to access and for that reason you do the hard work to achieve that goals. The bigger you think the more you achieve from the life.

Think Big By Imran Khan

Those who think big, is the one who achieve highness. 
Thinking is the one of the best trait that differentiate between a human and a animal, some people think about things that matter to them most of the time.

But, never confuse think big with a goal that is not achievable or impossible to achieve. Think big is the goal and now the hard work is going to the way to it.

To think big, there will be a lot of people who will discourage you and at the same time make fun of your ideas, you have to proof them that what you promise them is what you achieve.

How to increase your power of Thinking?
1. Read Books
2. Observe people and get lessons from their actions.
3. Watch Documentaries.
4. Consume at least 100 GB of Information every day.

All these things will help you to be a better person and at the same time be a better thinker.

2. Don't Quiet: 

A person was digging a hole in which there is a probability of Gold Mine, but he leave it, a poor man passes through that way and try to do the same for just 5 Minutes, he found a Gold mine which worth Millions of Dollar, the end of the story is that Those who quiet the job because it is not happening is the one who is losses at the end of the day.

Keep trying, keep trying and keep trying. Every time use a different strategy to same thing and at the same time don't try to make it better.

How to Motivate yourself?
1. Keep reading books
2. Read the book "17 Steps toward riches"
3. Always wake up early in the morning and do prayer and read and write what you love.

My Favorite:
It is never too late to do anything.
4. Do a Cold Bathing
5. Exercise

3. Review your Mistakes:
According to Wasim Akram; a Pakistani Cricket player, when the match is ended, we get to sleep and Imran Khan, the captain, watch the highlights of the match and at morning command us the things that we did wrong in the match.

Next time they play excellent.

So, a person that never do a mistake never learn anything new. If you want to learn something from life go out and do something that you never did before.

When we fail, we learn lessons. Keep in Mind that you only learn lessons when you do a mistake or experienced failure.

There is only two word in this universe, either you will win or you will learn lessons. But, note that if you succeed celebrate it but do more hard work and if you fail, give it a review and try to try next time more intelligently.

In This blog post i explain things that the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-insaaf Imran Khan tell to his fellows during an interview.

And at the end of the post, my favourure quote of Elon Musk
If Something is important enough, give it a try even if the least probable outcome is Failure 

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Earn Money Online From Fiverr In Pakistan Freelancing Work

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Earn Money Online From Fiverr In Pakistan Freelancing Work

Don't just dream do it. Fiverr

Fiverr is  great source for you to earn money online with a very good income per month. It is totally is an easy source to double or to do a side work to earn a huge sum of money.
People from different countries and different skill set make gig on Fiverr to make a huge sum of money from Fiverr in Pakistan. To earn money from fiverr fo step by step with me.
In This post in am also going to tell you the Search engine optimization of Fiverr. I am creating a post that will give you the insight of how to earn a lot of money from Fiverr.

Step by step Guide to earn a lot of money from Fiverr:

Step 1. 
The first step is to to have any skill that you have to provide your service to the people. People pay you money when you do thing for them that is either too difficult for them to do or you take less money then the other. People who come on Fiverr have one sole objective and that is “to get thing done” yes, to get thing done means to do a piece of work at less cost and with good requirements. So, the first step is to learn any skill that you can do on computer or with a camera.
Here are the list of skills that are currently a very high demand on Fiverr.

                                                1 .      Digital Marketing
                                                2.      Logo designing
                                                3.       Animation video making
                                                4.      Cards design
                                                5.      Video editing
                                                6.      Video transaction
                                                7.      Online Lessons
                                                8.      Programming
                                                9.      Voice over
                                                10.  Data Mining

These 10 Areas are at very high demand but they have a high level of competition. Now I left with one and that is “Article writing”.
Article writing is also a good niche for Fiverr, and at the same time it is an ever green niche too, because with passing time, articles are published and published and new problem have been solving through article writing. So, to earn a huge income from Fiverr you need to master a skill that is in demand, you may reach $1k per month with Fiverr.

Step 2: Once you have a proper set of skills then the next hard work you have to do is to make an account on Fiverr, and make a gig. Here are some tips to make a gig look interesting:

                                            1.      Add Good quality pictures
                                            2.      Add Video too related to your gig.
                                            3.      Write interesting description
                                            4.      Explain what you offer in your gig in just one sentence.

Step 3
So, the next thing you have to do is to wait for talking to buyers.
Here are some tips And Facts that will help you to be a good freelancer
                                            1.      Never ever misbehave with buyers
                                            2.      Never add links to the description
                                            3.      Never ever talk too much in personnel with buyer
                                            4.      Be professional
                                            5.      Do everything on Fiverr, don’t give him/her you contact number.
                                           6.       Some people will get things done from you and will never pay you. This is the fruit of the game.

So, in this article I write about how to earn a lot of money from Fiverr and at the same time give you some golden tips about freelancing life that I learn. All these points that I mentioned are my own learned things from Fiverr, you may contradict me.
So, if you still have any question ask it in comment section. 
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Suggest Improvement For TechMintle by Reviewing Our Site

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Suggest Improvement For TechMintle by Reviewing Our Site


We Work very hard to make changes on this website and to make it a better Tech News Provide site, with every day of little bit of changes, now we need help from you, to review our site and make it a better place for people who visit this site. 

TechMintle Mission Statement is to make A better World by Technology and Now, with the lighter note we note to make this website look cool. 

Tech as the Name Indicates is All about Technology, but what Mintle represent, some people pronounce it as Mantle, but that is not a good form and here Mintle Meaning is Innovation, Independence and Courage. 

Fill this survey to make this site a better place. 

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The Future of AdSense | How AdSense And Other Ad Companies Will Need Your Blog or Website

The Future of AdSense | How AdSense And Other Ad Companies Will Need Your Blog or Website
the future of advertsing

This world is changing with rapid phase, in such a rapid phase that I look 180 degree different after and before 10 years. With the evolution of Internet and then the rapid growth of user base of Internet, companies like Google and Yahoo offer the search opportunity for people to get answers, quickly and at short time. In 2006 Google Announce Google AdSense and at the same time Google AdWords, a program that offer advertisers and publisher a common platform. Viewing the popularity of Google AdSense, different Internet based companies lunch Advertising based programs for publishers and Advertisers.

How Google AdSense will look like in Future?

 Most of the experts claiming that in the next generation is going toward Video Advertising and even people like Video ads then those of the sticky ads. The future is very clear and more simple of the Internet, the simple fact is that “In future companies like Facebook and YouTube wants to be more competitive and provide high quality videos.

As it is said “A picture is better than a thousand words but what about Video; a million times better then a picture”.
To better understand the technology, Internet is going to build something that no one sees at right time. Those who see at the right time will be the next Steve Jobs and the Mark Zuckerberg of Internet.
What visionary sees is most common people can’t see that. The future of Internet is even bigger than that of expect. Some people see Internet as a source of information, some see at through the eyes of entertainment and for some people the whole Internet is Facebook. Those who bring something that totally deviate from information, entertainment or social media is going to be the next Billionaire that even no one will chase it.

Technology is changing every second, people or companies use stat. to find out what will be their ideal costumer? Or what the customer wants from our company or from me? These are hard questions but it is addressable and should be achieved through proper collection of data.

How Companies, in future do advertising at your blog/website?

Companies like people, Google like service and Money, publishers have the users and at the same time they also want to earn some money from their hard work. So, Google is act like a third party between Publisher and Advertisers.

When Google AdSense lauch, it only show a specific type of ads, mostly the ads will be like Text ads, mostly full of links, from 5 to 10 links.

With passing time, New size of ad is introduce with innovative experiments and this open up a new era of Advertising, time is passing and Video ads are introduce just for Video based sites and right GIF is used as a best advertising tool.

So what is next?
The next will be a big thing and may be come with slow evolution, But people are going toward Video sites more than content sites for searching information which may led to a paradigm shift for the next 10 years.
Some best websites that I recommend to visit to learn about digital advertising then visit at is the best resource to learn about the digital advertising.
In United states, after YouTube Nextflix is come to the market which come up with the new ideas and so the shift from one type of advertising to other.

What will happen next is not known it is only estimated. 

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How To Rank Your Blogger or Blogspot Blog? Rank Your Blogger Blog in Short Time

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How To Rank Your Blogger or Blogspot Blog? Rank Your Blogger Blog in Short Time

rank your blogger blog

Ranking your blog in a search result is one of the most difficult thing that every blogger find it very difficult to do. Today, i will teach how to rank your blog with high competitive keywords. 

Why Ranking is Important?

Ranking is very important when you want to get a required search traffic. When your one keyword is rank or your one blog post is ranked then their is a high chance that you get high number of visitors. So, high visitor means a large sum of money. 

6 Ways to Rank Your blog:

1. Writing High Quality articles: 
Writing is the soul of a blog or website. So, if you write an article about one thing then don't stop to make lazy things but start doing or generating more articles. i have seen people who generate good articles with larger quantity, they gets good traffic from search engine and the reasons for this are:

  1. When you update your blog, Google give you an extra point to rank higher.
  2. Google like those articles that have recent publish date.
  3. When you generate articles and people like to search inter to your blog you get a extra point for that because you do well to engage your reader.

2. Getting Good Backlinks: 
If your Backlink is looking natural, then this also give you a good page authority. According to Google your backlink must be looking natural. A natural domain is the one that is given by you by a website or a blog for your contribution toward their blog. 
3. Add better Illustration: 
I don't belief in applying a lot of search engine optimization to the domain or your blog to rank it higher in search engine but if you are solving a problem in a simple and a good presentable way then the chances are that you get higher ranking on SERP.
4. Pictures SEO:
When a person search something on the web page or more specific at Google, Google spider is search the relevant article for the query, but when that spider come to your blog and try to review it then if you pictures are not Search engine optimized then the spider stop there and could not go forth.
How To Better SEO of the Pictures.

image properties of the seo pictures

Write the proper Title text and ALT Text. ALT text stands for alternative text. If you do this step then when the search spider comes to your blog, search spider can easily understand the pictures or the text in the picture. 
5. Targeting the right keyword:
There are some keywords which has low competition and high search volume, so for such type of traffic their is a proper strategy that you will decided to rank higher your blog but if you are targeting a keyword that how to rank your blog? then the result is that you will end up with no traffic.

6. Writing about a same Topic:
When you write about same topic or all your blog posts are on the same keyword then the Google search spider will trust you more then other website, because the search spider is so trained that it thinks that if a person is writing article on the same keyword then more probable the reason will be that he know a lot about the topic and so he will be a authentic source.

So, in this article i try to cover the problem of how to rank your blogger blog in a good way and to get good search traffic for your blogspot blog. in most cases we note that most people complain about the ranking or the little SEO efforts of the blogger. when they compare Blogger verses wordpress.

Now, the above all the steps are called the on page SEO techniques, now let discuss some other Search engine optimization techniques that can rank you blogger blog in a new way of ranking.

First of all select your blog that you want to make change and then click on setting, after that do the following improvements:

  • Add a description of your blog
  • Add a error message
  • Add your Robot.txt
  • Add your custom robot.txt
  • Submit your site to different directories 

This is all about the ranking of your blogspot blog, if you still have any question feel free to comment your questions. hope you will get an answer.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

How Much Earns? earnings and report | Techjuice Earnings

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How Much Earns? earnings and report | Techjuice Earnings

techjuice earning how much it earns

TechJuice is a Pakistani Based Technology and Gadget review blog. This blog is the most search blog after and Techjuice is a very good site for those Pakistanis who want to update itself about technology and mobile gadgets. 
Earn Money from ByKea? A Pakistani Byk riding service.

How Popular is TechJuice is in Pakistan? 

Techjuice is a Pakistani Premier technology and web gadget review blog. In Pakistan, Techjuice is on number 331. 
techjuice earnings

So, if we see through the world wide ranking the Techjuice is ranked 35k position. which is not bad. 

How Much traffic gets?

The traffic of TechJuice is:

techjuice traffic from search engine

It getting a traffic of more then 50k per day from search engine and even same from the Facebook Page. 

Total page views have is 100k approx. 

How earns money?

TechJuice earns money from its blog through two ways:
  • Through Google AdSense
  • Direct Advertising
As Google AdSense is pay $1 per 1k views so the Maximum money they earn from Google AdSense is not more then $110. 

Through direct advertising they earn a lot of money. What is direct advertising? Direct advertising is a way of advertising in which a person or a blogger advertise your buisness infront of a highly target customers. 

So, if you are getting united states or united kingdom visitors then you direct advertisers will be from united kingdom or united states. 

So, earns money up to $400 per day with these methods.The Total money sum up is $500 or in between $400 to $600 per day. 

It is  a good money to earn but for this you need constant hard work and think of ideas that help you to grow in the market. 
Related articles:
If you still have any doubt, comment it on this blog, i will try to answer your query.

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Why the BitCoin is a dangerous Investment?

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Why the BitCoin is a dangerous Investment?

don't invest in Bitcoin

As a famous quote is "to be successful, arrogance and confident is most important." the same quote can be applied to the Bitcoin business too, but most of the top of the investors and even millioanires and billionaires is not investing in Bitcoin, if they do, they can easily convert a million to 10 million but they are not doing the same and the reasons are:

  1. Some billionaires and millionaires consider it a balloon, and it can burst any time, the day this balloon bursts will be the bad day for the investors.
  2. The other very important Reason people give to support its argument against investing BitCoin is that "No Country allow you to buy or sell any product on their country, its price is increasing and no one knows why is it is increasing. 
In Recent days, bitcoin price is increased and at the same time, investors invest a lot of money on Bitcoin and after 3 weeks its price is still go down, which shows that the bubble is very near to burst. 

Think of the situation that i will give you $100 and every day you will give me $50, and you don;t have to invest my $100. Can you do that for me?

But, there is an opportunity for the people who are interested in short term risk.

The opportunity is to invest a given amount of money on bitcoin, for a day or two and then pick up your money as quickly as possible (when the bitcoin price increases)

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Friday, 8 December 2017

Earn Money In Pakistan From BitCoin Using PakCoin | Pakistan Cryptocurrency


 Earn Money In Pakistan From BitCoin Using PakCoin | Pakistan Cryptocurrency 

BitCoin is a hot topic now a day and every body want to get a lot of money using this method. Bitcoin is a very different type of currency. 

First of all i an going to introduce you to the Bitcoin.

What is BitCoin? 

Bitcoin is a digitial currency or we can say that the digitial numbers you own at Internet. Bitcoin is as of reports is started at 2009 as a open source software and right now its value is keeping increasing with every day. 

How People are earning through Bitcoin?

Bitcoin work the same way as the when you buy a share in the open market. When you buy a share in the open market its value is either increasing or decreasing, so with the passage of time its value is increase to a value that you want to sell it, so if the value of the share is increase then you get profit and if the value of the share is decrease from the original value then you go into loss. 

What is

PakCoin is a Pakistan(Country) based blockchain Technology which offer the BitCoin to buy or sell in Pakistan. is a very famous Bitcoin buy and sell Website. 

How to Buy PakCoins?

To Buy PakCoins. Go to the Pakcoin Website and scroll down. You will see a section like this one.

pakcoin dashboard

As you see there are three options

Then scroll down more, you will see a section like

buy pakcoins

Click on the "Get started" Button then the following window will be appear.

buy pakcoin bitcoin in Pakistan

In This you have to make your PakCoin account and then you have to upload the Scanned version of Your CNIC. 

You are done. 
Now, you can buy a BitCoin and can earn money through it, exclusively in Pakistan. So, if you still have any question of how to earn money through BitCoin In Pakistan, feel free to comment.  

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