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The psychological Guide To Crack ETEA Test Free online Pdf Book

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Crack ETEA Entrance Test

The psychological Guide

About Author
My name is Aamir Kamal, student of industrial engineering at UET, Peshawar. I have a lot of interest in the field of studying different types of book. I am an entrepreneur; investor and full time expert in field of maximize benefit and minimize cost. If you want to contact me, send a message to me on

Table of contents
ü How to learn things: The first, second and third principle of learning
ü How to prepare for ETEA entrance test
ü Why students fail?

ü Types of students that appear in ETEA Test
ü 10 things you need to do every morning for better study
ü 10 things you need not to do every day for better study
ü Can academy help you in cracking ETEA test? Yes, some do.
ü 10 Tips to crack ETEA entrance test
ü 10 Common mistakes every student do during ETEA test
ü How to include your name in top 1% of the candidates
ü 50 Useful psychological tactics that you can do during your ETEA Test
ü Let meet with the topper of ETEA Medical and Engineering
ü Concluded remarks

1.      How to learn book contents

In our system people often go with learn things that don’t stay in their memory for long time, but if we understand the core objectives of a topic then we can easily draw an imaginary image of the topic and learn it with ease.
Why we choose this topic to be the first of the book? Just to give you the idea that how important learning of a topic related to cracking an entrance exam.
 There are three basic principles for learning things

                         A.      First Principle of learning
                         B.      Second principle of learning
                         C.      Third principle of learning

If you are thinking that psychology has no effect on your test result then you are wrong because those who top the board can easily top the ETEA too, how you prepare for your entrance exam is an important factor to consider. 
Some candidate just sits in front of books and do study at the same time have headphone attach to mobile too.

In this book, I will guide you about those important things that you miss when you sit for preparing your exam.

This book is only to think you. How to understand the course contents, how to prepare for entrance exam and how to work smart not hard.

                             2.     How to prepare for ETEA entrance Test

Preparing for an exam that has 2 months of period and have to read three books is very difficult and required many efforts but at the same time at is not very difficult once you got the idea. What is the Idea? Can you know about physics? The answer from you may be, yes definitely and why not yes, because you study this subject for 4 years. Therefore, why I write physics here, just to thought you how idea works, you have the idea that physics deals with study of energy and mass and the relationship between mass and energy. This is the idea. Then you have to execute your idea later in form of K.E, P.E or energy-mass conversion.
So, the first thing is to learn what idea a subject or topic present, the better you understand the idea of the subject the better you present in form of writing or orally.
The second thing is to write down every word teacher told you, by teacher here I mean your college teacher not you academy teacher, we will talk you this in section 6 of this book. Once I take one of the past ETEA paper I compare them to my noted lectures I found that more than 60% of the content from paper match to my notes. So, always note down what you teacher told you or write.
Third, the most important point to be noted is to ask questions. The more questions you ask the better you understand. At his been said, “A smart person always questioned things”
Fourth, the last one is to make sure you thought MCQs to the weak (in studies) this will help you to more clear the idea and it the same time also helps your friend.

                                                3.     Why students fail?

Can you ever think why some student get high marks will other don’t, why some fails to get into the engineering or medical colleges, this is because of different reason, some of them may be low self-confidence, no proper planning for test, don’t take interest in exam and a lot of other factors.
Let discuss some of the important factor that make your failure for the test.
Self-confidence is a very important thing that combined your self-belief in occurrence of a thing that you want. Self-confidence is a trait that helps you to achieve success in any of thing that you want but keep in mind that self-confidence is not a success. It is a belief that helps you to achieve success. In addition, keep in mind smart work is the key to success with self-confidence.
No proper planning for test is another factor that highly effect you are grading, the smarter you plan for your subject complication the more better you are grading will be.
If you do not take interest in exam for the reason that you know each and everything then you are on the big loss.
Overthinking is another issue with many Students, this type of issues raises because of the fact that student family and friends like how my family react to my low ETEA Score, what my friends will think of me.

Very important question raises here is:
Why we do engineering or medical?
Some of you may have idea that
·        It is a professional degree
·        My parents want me to become a doctor/engineer
·        I have passion to become an engineer/doctor
·        I want to earn a handsome amount of money
·        Etc.
Here we go; we have a mission to go.

                      4.     10 things you need to do every morning for better study
It has been said that a “wake up early in the morning, say thank you to God for giving you such a beautiful life and start your day with a positive message, take a shower and go for the study and see the results.” Dushaka Zupta (New York best book author)

Here are ten things that you need to do every morning while starting your day
                   1.      A proper goal of the day: Every morning when you wake up write a goal of the day related to your study, a proper goal help you to complete your course on time and at the same time at also create a sense of discipline. One of the best psychological things is when you achieve your goal of the day, reward yourself with a sweet thing or something that you like to eat, with every achieving goal make your reward bigger. What if you don’t complete your goal of the day? Then you need to keep a punishment for that too. Always remember to do progress in small steps, like 5% a day of your work cumulated to 150% in one month.   
                   2.      Exercising: Exercising early in the morning has a lot of benefits. Some of them are good health, active life and have a good capacity of learning and doing constructive things.
What if you become ill on ETEA exam day, this will badly affect your score and may be you do not go to test.
I know a person who does a lot of work for ETEA test but when test day reach he goes ill, that is the saddest part of the game. 
In a study done by university of British Columbia, researchers found that regular aerobic exercise, the kind that your heart and your sweat glands pumping, appear to boost the size of your brain hippocampus, the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning.
    Exercise and the brain: Exercise helps memory and makes your thinking by both direct   and indirect means. Some of the growth factors that occur with brain due to exercising are chemicals of the brain cells that affect the health of the brain cells, the growth of new blood vessels, and even the abundance and survival of new blood cells.
                  3 .      Healthy diet: “To be healthy you need to eat healthy”. 90% of diseases are due food you eat. Omega-3 fatty acid – found in salmon, walnuts and Kiwi fruits – provide many benefits, including improving learning and memory and also help you to fight against mental disorders such as depression and dementia.

Synapses in the brain connect neurons and provide critical functions; learning and memory occur at synapses.
Omega-3 fatty acid support synaptic plasticity and seem to positively affect the expression of several molecules related to learning and memory storage.
If you are not learning and memorizing things then probably you are lacking Omega-3 fatty acid.
In Australia a study is conducted on 396 children aged 6 to 12 who were given a drink contacting Omega-3 fatty acid and other nutrients such as Iron, zinc and folic acid, children’s who drink these nutrients showed a higher scores on test measuring verbal intelligence and learning. Another study is conducted after six months and one year those children don’t receive the nutrition and they perform poor when test is conducted again, so the result show that Nutrition is very important for your memory and learning. So how you define a healthy diet? A diet that has all necessary nutrients that is useful for our body.

                 4.      Solving a puzzle: Can you know how many dimensions a coin has? Two, wrong. A coin may have three dimensions or even more, but that all depend upon your reference. How solving a puzzle helps you. By solving a puzzle every morning, your brain trains to manipulate new techniques. According to a research, those who play “chess” (A Mind Game) get higher score than those who did not play.
                  5.      Positive thinking: Thinking is very important for our success. The famous Quote is “What you think of, you will achieve it” and the other one is “What Human Imagine, he can do that”.
If you are thinking that you will fail the test, you are already fail, if you are thinking that someone else is better than you, then that person is already better then you. If you are thinking, you cannot do Engineering or medical you will never do that. See the power of thinking!
Once one of the Pakistani leaders expresses his view about Thinking, “Great countries are made on the basis of thinking.”

               6.      Solve mathematics problems: From an experiment conducted in US that those student who solve mathematical problems do well in SAT (A test like ETEA for admissions in US universities) exam as compared to those who do not solve mathematical problems.
             7.      Get Up Early: Stop telling yourself you are not a morning person. If you want to be your most productive self, it is time change your habits.
Waking up early in the morning can have positive impact on your life. Some of the benfits include increase productivity, more time to breakfast or exercise and more time during the day things done.
To be early riser you need to learn when to sleep, that is the most important thing to do.

             8.      Sit well fashion:
             9.      Study normally:
            10.  Get a review to your previous workday: Do this every morning before you start new work. How it helps you? It helps you to remember it for long time, enable you to find out the problems you faced, this will also help you to better learning the course because by revising a piece of content you had better understand what the authors want to convey you.

One of the famous Quote is “People who wake up early, never be unsuccessful”
From one of the study conducted on billionaire’s habit that what different billionaires have that the rest of the people lack. They find that “95% of billionaires wake up early, between 4am to 6am”
Know I want to show you the hard thing to do a piece of work.

The hard thing is not dreaming big. The hard thing is waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat when the dream turns into a nightmare.

Critically thinking is above all which says “Question everything and go in depth of the matter”

          5.      10 things you need not to do every morning for better studying
There are some things that hurt your whole day workflow, how to avoid this? If if know about those hurdles then you can easily avoid those poisonous things in your life and sit a better timetable for your academic work.
Here are 10 things that you need not to do when you wake up in the morning
1.      Starting study as wake up
2.      Thinking about exams
3.      Don’t have breakfast
4.      Use social media
5.      Going to outing with friends
6.      Using Multidimensional working methodology
7.      Study different subject at same day
8.      Have no proper plan for the day
9.      Leave the hard part
10.  Study with friends

                              6.     Can academy help you in cracking ETEA test? 
                               7.     10 Tips to crack ETEA entrance test 
                              8.     10 Common mistakes every student do during ETEA test
                               9.     How to include your name in top 1% of the candidates 
                              10.                        Let meet with the topper of ETEA Medical and Engineering 
1                             1.                        Concluded remarks 

Note: The Information presented in this book is totally based on author viewpoint and you may contradict the author.

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How Much You make with an AdSense Account In Pakistan?

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You can Make a lot of Money with an AdSense account, the biggest websites like also use AdSense to feed  24 Employes and even earn more then 2Million Dollar from AdSense.

Things takes time, and if you think about future then there is good chance that you earns a lot of money from the AdSense.

Some people are too greedy and some times that click on his own websites which result in nothing but the loss of their goose and then that goose never lay Golden eggs. So never ever clcik on his own website.

You can Make money with AdSense with Just Follow the Steps as I show

  1. Make a Website
  2. Create quality conetent
  3. Do SEO in Pakistan, Aamir Iqbal is a great guy who have a good knwoldge about SEO.
  4. Get Search Traffic
  5. Get Traffic
  6. Apply for AdSense
  7. When Adsense Approve never sit easy
  8. Do social Promotion 
  9. Write, write and write
  10. Here we go
You will make Money when you are sleeping, and when you get up from a beautiful morning and open your Pakistani Approved AdSense you will note that


Happy Living, Remember you Can also do that if you are a teacher, student or a job person in Pakistan and earn a lot of money from AdSense
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How to earn $10 per Day from Google AdSense with cheap Traffic?


How to earn $10 per Day from Google AdSense with Pakistani Traffic?

OK, So you want to earn $10 per day from Google AdSense in Pakistan. Here is the tweak,

Pakistani CPC ranges from 0.01 to 0.10
Let consider it 0.05

Therefore, for every click you will got $0.05, and you got a CTR of 5% which mean you got 5 click per 100 page views. So for

5 clicks =0.25
20 clicks =$1

And 20 clicks will be generate with at least 500 Pages views then you will need to get at least 5,000 page views to get the required amount.
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I am a 16-year-old person who wants to enable AdSense. How I do that?

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I am a 16-year-old person who wants to enable AdSense. How I do that?

If you are a 16 years old person then you don’t need to do something, you just need to have your father CNIC or Your Mother CNIC or any person who you may know.
So, if you own a website or you are a You Tuber when you apply for AdSense, don’t write your name instead write your Father name and when you go to payout money use your Father or someone else Bank Account, so that you Got your hard work money with ease.

Keep in mind there are many YouTube Millionaires who are just below 18 years old and they are using their father CNICs to get a huge sum of money from YouTube AdSense.
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First Year Engineering Notes and Books for UET Peshawar

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Are you admited to any of the discipline in UET, Peshawar Now.

Download your course from here by clciking on the link Download

14 strategies for better communication   Download

more coming soon.......
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Create a free Blogger blog and earn $2 to $3 per day from Google AdSense


Create a free Blogger blog and earn $2 to $3 per day from Google AdSense

Can you want to earn without any investment from internet just working 30 to 60 minute every day? Than you should read this article, this is a systematic process of being paid

Open a new browser on your Laptop and do what I mention

Step 1: Create you blogger Blog
Type “Blogger” and click on the first search that appear, Now click on create blog and type the address of your blog.

Step 2: GETTING Into search
When you see your dashboard at left of that you see a menu contacting posts, earning, Setting blab la bla. Click on setting and on another tab search “Blogger SEO” where you get all the information with pictures.

Step 3: Installing a very attractive Template
Install a template name “Flow Template” it is free and just type “Flow Template” on Google search bar and click on the first link. Now, go to your blog dashboard, click on “Layout” section, and edit your theme, delete that template and open the downloaded template on Note pad. Select all templates from there and paste it on that deleted one section.

Note: The template will be in Zip format, open it find out in which file has a written in .txt extract it to specified folder, open it with notepad then.
Step 4: write articles or upload anything you want like job, scholarship just link
Step 5: After one week or two check your Blogger dashboard of “Earning “ Tab apply for AdSense and get Paid when someone click on ad.

This article is only written for my friend “Arsalan Sajjid” 
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What are some points that Pakistani/Indian Entrepreneurs keep in mind about venture Capitalists?

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What are some points that Pakistani/Indian Entrepreneurs keep in mind about venture Capitalists?

Venture capitalists are people who are going to invest in your business idea and that they see some potential in your idea, here is the completely researched article that are based on taking notes from famous sites like and

Table of contents
1.      Your Idea and Your Team
2.      Is your idea has any future?
3.      Is your idea unique?
4.      Can you execute your idea successfully?
5.      Your Qualifications
6.      Your Past
7.      Motivation you have

8.      Market Research
9.      Your Product and your authority of product
10.  Your First month Salary
11.  Presentation and communication skills

Venture capitalists are humans not aliens and Might some believe that your idea has potential while other disagree with but most of the VCs go with the above eleven mentioned steps.

1.      Your Idea and Your Team

Your idea is what you want to do, what type of problem you would solve and how you approach to that solution for. You may hear the famous sentence that every human say, “I have an Idea” Everyone has idea but which idea is worth full that is the biggest task and VCs know that better how to get out nut out of nutshell.
I once got the opportunity to go to a place where a lot of entrepreneur presenting their ideas and a question that every time go with my ear is “How is in your team?” or Please Introduce your team”
Can You Know the person who has great team won $2500 and VCs promised them of investing in there Startup, so a great Team is Very Important for your success.

2.      Is Your Idea has Any Future?
This hard question but still if we study the history we can know that VCs reject most of the world big startups because they find no potential. Take the example of Uber, when they approach one of the VC named Mark Cuban, he rejected the idea of Uber and told them he did not find any potential in this idea but later time prove him wrong and right know Uber is the silicon valley hottest startup.
Take the example of Google, with the dot com burst investors find out a lot of opportunities but dot com era go in to crash and Google decide to give up but no one is there for buying Google, but as time goes Google is right now the No.1 Search engine and the most visited website on earth.
 If you want to be, succeed in any field of life you must need to go with your own mind, heart, and must believe in yourself. The above two stories validate these three points.

3.      Is Your Idea Unique?
Is your idea unique to present them in front of Venture capitalist? In Pakistan and India if you are presenting idea then most of the VCs take the
By a unique idea mean that you approach a general problem with a unique solution, Think of Yahoo! Answers they have a good idea but a poor Website design but then Quora comes which overtake Yahoo! Answers with better design and quality answers.

4.      Can you execute your idea successfully?
In the business world there is a saying that if you have a poor idea but good execution you will rock, but if you have the mind blowing idea and a weaker execution you will end up with a loss statement.
Can you know, when mark Zuckerberg make Facebook there are already social media sites exist but what Mark have others do not. Mark Zuckerberg executes his great idea with a good execution and they all end up when Facebook step in into online market. That is the power of execution.

5.      Your Qualification
Self-explainable but still need little introduction, VCs when hear your idea they curious about your qualification, this mean I need to be a Ph.D. or Doctor or an Engineer. The answer may be Yes or No, if you make a product that required high technical skills and have no co-founder then you need to be at least an expert on that product, if you have not a technical person and have a good product, you have then the chances that VCs accept you. VCs want to compound their money but for compounding, they need someone who helped them to achieve their benchmark.

6.      Your past
Your past here don’t mean, how you propose your Girlfriend or why you don’t like to eat banana? That are the questions that don’t matter to VCs they want to know about your past that what type of startups you work? Can you ever have a failed startup? Alternatively, can you ever get a VCs funding before?
What if I have no past experience? Tell them on spot that this is your first startup and I will work with full confidence to get this startup into the peak.

7.      Motivation You have
Facebook Motto is “Connecting the world” Google motto is “Don’t be evil” Apple motto is “Think Different” What types of motto your business or what you think of your business. Can you just want money or nothing?
One of the Top Quora writer and VCs named Gordon Miller once said he also rejected Uber idea. Actually he like Uber idea but the problem is Uber has no rules related to the safety of passenger and driver, and at the same time if a female is driving then how she will be protected about harassment or using of bad words.
Look, Money is not just everything. Your motivation must be to help people and think money as a side effect of that service not based on profit-loss statement.

8.      Market Research
Once a VCs receive an email where a person writes
“I have a million dollar idea and my idea is I want to open a hotel in place X where there is no such type of item available”
The VCs is a very smart person he open a new tab and type
“Place X Hotels” he discover that all such items where in those hotels.

End of the story is always doing a market research otherwise ready for a super insult.
Once I got a chance to visit a place where entrepreneurs presenting their ideas and more than 50% of ideas they have are all copied from China or US and every time VCs tell them that I see such type of thing in China or such type of thing in my country.
So, always to in depth research and never rest in peace tell you got the answers you looking for, Google is your friend, use it.

9.      Your Product and your authority of product
What type of product you is going to present in front of your consumers is that value $20 or $200 or even more. Then we have to talk about how many people has the purchasing power to buy that product? Like a product of $1000 has lesser people to buy then $10, if you are earning $2 on $10 product and $100 on $1000 product then may be $2 profit is better then $100 because if just one person is there for you to buy $1000 product then there are may be 200 people to buy $10 product.
By authority of product i mean the usefulness of your product, as if internet has a high authority than any washing powder, or Google is a high authority product then Yahoo!

10.  Your first month salary
The basic question that a VC may ask you as an entrepreneur that “How Much Money will you pay yourself if I invest in your company?
Answer to this question is “I will take so much money that helps me to live on this earth and nothing extra” Take the minimum amount that just enough for your food.
VC will easily impress from your confidence, Dedication, Hard work and sacrifices you made to give your startup an edge.

11.  Presentation and communication skills
Most of the VCs do not hear what you are telling them they just see you, they notice your every action and ask some question they have about your personality or idea and here they go.
These are some points that any of the Pakistani/Indian entrepreneur must kept in mind while approaching a VC.
Comment if you have anything extra to add to this blog post about entrepreneurs.
Share it with your friends and search the site for more great 1500 words articles.

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How to Earn From MindSumo in Pakistan by Solving Problems With Proofs

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How to Earn From MindSumo in Pakistan by Solving Problems

MindSumo is a Problem-solving website for big companies including Fortune 500 companies, and the best thing is that you can also earn Hundreds of Dollars with this site if you are creative enough to solve management and product related problems.

MindSumo has a very different system for paying you; they work on the point system.
Each company which has a problems in Product or Management or sales have a total of 1600 points, where

MindSumo Money Earning

1 Point= $0.89

This mean you can earn up to $400 from just one problem solving, that is too big money and company can even hire you with handsome salary.

Article:  Earn through ByKea

Step 1: register with MindSumo

Step 2: Solve Problems as fast as you can

Step 3: Submit it

After few days they will notify you about your answer, the better your answer is the better points you will get.

There is top three-answer selection.

If you want to earn from MindSumo then the only thing they may create problem for you is Payment System of MindSumo, they pay you through PayPal, which is a payment system not available in Pakistan but do not worry about this there are many ways to create PayPal account in Pakistan.

Here are few tips to get selection in MindSumo Top Problem solver

1.      Write through high research solution

2.      Always write answer first in your computer then copy paste it on MindSumo Dashboard

3.      Give link of your site or a project that they need

4.      Never write and submit answer in just two or three days, take your time

MindSumo is the best way from internet to earn, if you still have any question feel free to ask and support this site.

MindSumo also Pay money.
Here are some of the screen shots that is enough for you to have a proof that you need.

Proof of Mindsumo 1:
proof 1 of How to Earn From MindSumo with Proof

Proof of MindSumo 2:

proof of payment that How to Earn From MindSumo with Proof

Proof of MindSumo 3:
This is the Email, i received when they like my submission. 

proof 3 of How to Earn From MindSumo with Proof

And at the end of the day, the best thing you got is 


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