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Brazing, soldiering and Adhesives Fully Explained

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Brazing, soldering and Adhesives

Brazing is a Multi metal part joining process in which we heated the metal, convert it to liquid and then move it with the help of capillary action to join them.

In brazing, the metal formed is stronger than the individual parts. This occur because of three reasons

1. Because of small part clearance
2. The metallurgical bonding and
3. The geometric construction that is imposed on Bonding
Like welding, brazing is also metals parts joining process but it has some advantage over the welding, some of them are
1. Any metal parts can be joined
2. Less time consuming and
3. Some methods are useful for multiple parts joining having different geometries
4. Brazing can applied to those parts that have a very thin diameter, welding cannot do that for us.
5. Less heat is needed for Brazing as compared to Welding.
Some of the disadvantage of Brazing is
1. Welded joint are more stronger then brazed metal
2. Higher service temperature may weaken the brazed metal
3. Color changes because of Metal conversion to other form and mixing of different color of metals.
It must be noted that not every metal is compatible for mixing with the base metal, here are some of the properties that the filler metal must possess to use as a filler metal
1. Melting temperature must be comparable with base metal
2. Good surface finish
3. Good fluidity
4. Chemical and physical interaction with the base metal
Soldering is a process similar to Brazing with the exception of melting point of the metal is less than 450 degree Celsius.
As similar to brazing, the filler metals are melts and transfer to it by capillary action. Filler metal called solder, is added to joints, which distribute between the parts.
In a process called Tinning, the solder is added with a metal known as Tin, which improves its clearance.
As an industrial process, soldering is associated with Electronics assembly.
Some of the advantage soldering has over Brazing and Welding are
1. Low energy needed as compared to Brazing and welding
2. Availability of varieties of heating methods
3. Good conductivity
4.  Easy to use and make again, if damage
The disadvantages of soldering are
1. The biggest disadvantage is Low Joint strength unless reinforced by some mechanical means.
2. The soldered metal melts or weaken at higher temperature
Solders and fluxes
Solders and fluxes both is used in soldering process. Both are very important in soldering process.
Solders are alloy of tin and lead, both of metals are low melting point. Both Lead and tin has a range of liquids and solidus temperature.
Lead is used in low quality because of its poisonous nature while tin is chemically active and help in welding process. Sometimes silver and antimony is also used in soldering process.
Fluxes should do the following
1. Molten shape during soldering temperature
2. Remove oxides and other compounds
3. Prevent oxidation reactions on metal surface
4. Promotes wetting

Soldering methods:
Here are some of the methods that is used in soldering
1. Hand soldering
2. Wave soldering
3. Reflow soldering

Adhesive Bonding
Adhesive bonding is a joining technique in which the filler metal holds two or more similar or dissimilar parts together.

Adhesive makes a permanent joint that are less stronger than brazing and soldering. Adhesives bonding have a higher interest in engineering and sciences because of its structural nature.

The strength of adhesive results due to certain mechanism

1. Chemical bonding in which adhesive unite with other adhesives.
2. Physical interaction between primary and secondary atoms of adhesives

Joint design for adhesives:

The following design aspects should take into consideration while designing joint for adhesive

1. The contact area between joints should be maximize
2. While designing stresses and its flow in material must be taken into consideration, so that to avoid
3. Is design in such a way that shear and normal stresses are avoided

Adhesive Types:
Adhesive have three types
1. Natural
2. Inorganic
3. Synthetic
Natural adhesives are derived from other natural compounds such as plants and animals. They are gums, dextrin’s and collagen.

Inorganic adhesives are derived from inorganic compounds such as sodium chloride or supplants. They have high melting and boiling points.

Humans manufacture synthetic adhesives, some mechanism are

1. Mixing different catalyst with different compounds
2. Heating a chemical compound
3. By Ultra violet radiation
4. By evaporating water from water containing compound
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Things that You need to learn at digital Youth Summit | Dys2017

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Digital Youth summit is an event organized by KPK Gov. in 2017, in which world top venture capitalists and startups founders are invited.

Most of the audience has students, that has profound experience in startup culitures, the event is one of most important event in the history of Pakistan and in Peshawar.

Digital youth summit is every year organized by KPK ITC Board to help students in their startups and to promote startup and entrepreneur culture in Pakistan.

Here are some of the things that you need to learn when attaining DYS

  • Good communication skills
  • Good Ethical values
  • Having a Business idea in Mind, By business idea i mean anything that make a big difference in future.
  • Think Positive.
  • Think The big picture of Life
  • Good confidence and self respect
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9 ways to get a lot of followers on Your Quora profile

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Quora is one of the coolest knowledge sharing based website, and most people want to succeed on it and want to become the top writer, but this platform is not for everyone, and at the same time for everyone.

Here in this blog post, i will tell you best ways to get 1000 plus followers on your Quora account.

Following are the best ways to get a lot of followers.

1. Write Good:
The more your writing Clean and precise, the more interesting your content will be and the more people take interest in you. That is the Game.

2. Write Frequently:
The more answers you write, the more the people will see your answer and it increase the chances to get followers. Member that not all people is going to follow you.

3. Write a niche:
Just like blogger, write about a specific topic or niche at the same time, the same you need to do, just write about a topic or two and answer frequently and Good.

4. Call of action:
In every of your answer just asked you readers to Follow me. There is no shame in asking your viewers to Follow me, just asked them in a very good manner.

5. Sharing your answers:
When you write any answer just share it on famous social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

6. Commenting:
It is one of the best way to get followers. You need to do a positive comments on Other Quorans Answers, there is a high chance that famous Quoran Reply you.

7. Asking Questions:
The more you asked the question, the more people know about you, But keep In mind that your question must be mature enough to attract other people.

8. Word of Mouth:
One of the traditional way to get a lot of Quora follower is by telling your friends about joining the Quora profile and visiting your profile.

9. Adding Follow up link in Your description:
The same thing, add Link of following on your description.

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Find Internship in Pakistan as Industrial Engineer | latest Pakistan Internship

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Are you are 4th semester or 2nd semester student and want to find internship in Pakistan, then you need to read this article.

Internship for industrial engineer in Pakistan is not offered as such but you need to do some work to find internship, here in this article i will show some of the ways to get internship as an Industrial engineer.

Way 1:
This way is the most efficient way to get internship in Pakistan. In this you have to visit the local industry or company and ask them about internship, mostly they ask about the Resume so you need to have a Resume and proper sign from the university authorities.

If you are living in Peshawar then You may Visit FF steel or ZRK group of companies.

Industrial engineering internships
Internship in Pakistan
Way 2:
Some of the Pakistani companies offered Internship for students of all departments, some of them are POF and Kohat Cement. You need to send some of your academic information to them and you will be informed about the selection, if you got selected.

Way 3: 
Way 3 is most concentric, i thing so. Using this way you need to have an influence in industry to get internship. But this thing is not recommended.

The most important thing that that internship give you is, Experience.
Experience to know industry and its different constraints. This well Help you to perform better then those who don't have anything to do in their summer internships.

I think education is very important tool but the more important thing is converting that education to practical is more important.

Thank you, all people.
Please give a positive Comment if you know anything else.
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What is hosted and self-hosted AdSense account?

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What is hosted and self-hosted AdSense account?

Google AdSense is one of the popular site for advertising of products, when you create account on Google AdSense you see the top right side your account types, so basically there are two types of account on Google AdSense.

1.      Hosted account

2.      Self-hosted account
A hosted account is one which is hosted by Google, this mean that you can create this account using any Google product like YouTube, Blogger, ETC. you don’t need to do any investment on buying domains or hosting the only thing you need is hard work and patience, to be approval for Google AdSense, there is also some limitation for that, the most famous is their commission i.e. Google take cut 45% from you as a commission and give you the remaining 45%, feel wow because monetize your hard work only not your savings.

A self-hosted is the another account type of Google AdSense which is created using your own created and own host blog or website, this type of website is created and hosted on another companies servers like or hostgator
Even, you are know reading a Google host blog but the famous quote is “HARD WORK BEAT ANY THING EVERTHING.” So you can earn with both Hosted and self-hosted blog but the main thing is your hard work.
Still you have any problem in hosted and self-hosted blog feel free to comment.
Sharing is the mother of caring.

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How to get Google AdSense money in Pakistan- step by step Guide

How to get Google AdSense money in Pakistan
Google AdSense is the most favorite choice for websites in Pakistan and in whole world. Some of the publisher felt problems to cash out their money for that purpose I make a tutorial that how to cash out money that you have in your Google AdSense account. But first of we discuss Google rules to cash out your money.
Google adsense

Following are the main rules to get money
1.      Your balance must reach to balance threshold, for Google AdSense the payment threshold is $100. What is payment threshold? Payment threshold is the minimum amount of balance that you must reach to cash out.

2.      You must provide valid payee name and home address because when your balance reaches to payment threshold a PIN (personal identification number) is sent to your home which contains a digital number, this is for address verification.

How to cash out money in Pakistan?
Google AdSense pays its publisher by three different ways.
A.      Through cheque (UK) or check (US)

B.      Through western union

C.      Through direct pay

Know we discuss one by one in reference with Pakistan.
A.      Through check you can receive a check by ordering it when you cross the threshold barrier of Google AdSense. But keep in mind that you must cash out the money quick as if the check takes more than sixty days your check will be expire and the money will be added to your account.

B.      Through western union- this is one of the most recommended way for Google AdSense to receive money in Pakistan, so what you need to do? Go to any bank which has western union facility and make account on western union, I think united bank and HABIB bank has this facility but you need to check it. So you made a western union account know if money on your Google AdSense account increase from $100 then Google AdSense sent you money directly to your Bank Account. That does solve.

C.      Through direct pay - can you know what direct pay is? Or sometime it called as direct transfer so direct transfer is when you have an account on local bank, like in Pakistan it is HBL or UBL and you want to receive money through it then in Google terms it is called direct transfer, but direct transfer is not a recommended method because of high cost on transfer that is $17 per transaction.

So I discuss all the three ways for you people of how to receive money from Google AdSense but let discuss only one way to get cash from AdSense and that is through western union. A step by step guide is describe below

Step 1-go to any nearby bank, which has western union facility

Step 2-make account on western union

Step 3-go to your AdSense account and on right side bar you will see that payment option.

Step 4-enter your western union bank detail.

Step 5-click on save and you are done.

Step 6-when your balance exceed from $100 you have option of order payment.

Step 7- when you click you find you MTCN number and other staff. Print that copy

Step 8-take that copy with yourself and visit bank after 2 to 3 days. Note that you must have a copy of ID card.
Google send money to your account and you need to give this in order to receive money.
May it work for you?
Sharing is sexy act.

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How to Add AdSense Page-Level Ads in BlogSpot?

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How to Add AdSense Page-Level Ads in BlogSpot

Recently page level ad for mobile phones were made available for BlogSpot bloggers and webmasters which mean you can know display ads on your mobile phones. This step by Google change the horizon of money making from BlogSpot also it give a positive image of, you can now monetize your effort and change your time to money thanks to Google Ad mob ads.

page level ads Google adsense

There is number of reasons why you need to add page level ad on your BlogSpot blog.
-         Increase your revenues.  As This type of ads have high value of CTR.

-         Doesn’t count against three ad unit. Note that Google only allow to place three ad units in a single page.

-         These ads are shown as asynchronous I.E they load without disturbing other elements in a site or blog.

-         Two new shapes.

Now we discuss the new type of Ad introduce by Google in mobile for BlogSpot users.
1)    Anchors
2)    Vignettes
The anchors are the ad showing at the bottom of the mobile will vignettes are the ad covering the whole screen. Of the above two ads vignettes give you more revenue as compare to anchors.
Now we discuss how you can install AdSense page level ads on your BlogSpot blog. You can install these types of ads on your BlogSpot blog by using the the following method.
1.     Log in in your AdSense account.
2.     Click on the toggle button to switch on “anchor/overlay ads” and “vignette ads”

3.     Get the code, copy it.

4.     Go to blogger> template> edit template

5.     Click on “edit HTML” button and search for </head> tag

6.     Paste the code that you copy from AdSense and paste it above the </head>

But you need to do one thing in you code you have to change async= with “async” for completing otherwise blogger give you an error message.

After doing all of the steps need to pick up your smartphone and type #googleleads at the end of your URL like

So you get start to access them.

Since October 2015 these ads were first introduce and many WordPress blogs or other blogger used them can find that how effective they was for increasing revenue. In addition, the more popular your blog is the more you earn.

Adsense page level Ad is one of the revolutionary effect on the earning of blogs, and I recommend that you must copy the code and insert it into your BlogSpot blogger blog.

In the end I will say that the Adsense page level ad has remarkable effect in increasing a strong income base for your blog.

Feel free to comment if you have any question regarding AdSense page level ads.
Sharing is a sexy.

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How much you earn from your BlogSpot blogger blog?

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How much you earn from your BlogSpot blogger blog?

A blogger blog is one that provide you a free blogspot domain, where you can post about your chosen niche and write about it. It is a very easy and helpful way for newbies to learn about blogging, there are some other platforms such as Word press and others. Know in this webinar we were telling you the following type of content

1.      Which free platform to choose?
2.      Which platform is more SEO friendly?
3.      Which platform give you more money?
4.      How to earn a lot by doing blogging?
5.      How much my friends make from his blogger accounts?
6.      Golden words related to blogging (motivation).

So let discuss each of the above topic

1.      Which free platform to choose?
Blogger and word press both are free platform as they give you opportunity to blog for free, but no one give you a price thing for free, they take commission from you when your earnings start. Here we discuss the difference good and bad things of blogger and word press in turn of Search engine optimization, earning, technical groom, and plugins.
That is the whole comparison between word press and blogger hope this help for you to choice the best platform, but my personal suggestion is blogger, because of SEO you easily rank your site and if you do some work on SEO then after 6 to 12 months you easily come to the first page of search engine.

2.      Which platform is more SEO(search engine friendly)

Blogger has made a lot of contribution in SEO but still it is far away from word press, because word press provide good SEO optimize templates, in 2013 blogger add custom robot.txt and robot header and meta description which is very is very important for any blog to be SEO optimize, As blogger (BlogSpot) is own by Google, one of the world best search engine, so it quite easy to rank your blogger site in Google search engine. Blogger is best for those people which little bit know about computer basic, because it is very easy to use as no technical scale is needed. Know we discuss word press, many of the blogger user turn to word press, some use word press as hosted platform will other use it as non-hosted platform. In word press you can use a lot of free and paid template which is SEO optimize. Word press is design for those people which know the technical background of blogging and not for newbies.

3.      Which platform give you more money?
First  of all how much money you earn depend upon on your work.

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Word Press verses blogger comparison- which one is right for you

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Word Press verses blogger comparison- which one is right for you

Blogger and word press both are free platform as they give you opportunity to blog for free, but no one give you a price thing for free, they take commission from you when your earnings start. Here we discuss the difference good and bad things of blogger and word press in turn of Search engine optimization, earning, technical groom, and plugins.

Blogger verses wordpress

We discuss each of the topic below.


Blogger verses word press in turn of SEO
Blogger has made a lot of contribution in SEO but still it is far away from word press, because word press provide good SEO optimize templates, in 2013 blogger add custom robot.txt and robot header and meta description which is very is very important for any blog to be SEO optimize, As blogger (BlogSpot) is own by Google, one of the world best search engine, so it quite easy to rank your blogger site in Google search engine. Blogger is best for those people which little bit know about computer basic, because it is very easy to use as no technical scale is needed. Know we discuss word press, many of the blogger user turn to word press, some use word press as hosted platform will other use it as non-hosted platform. In word press you can use a lot of free and paid template which is SEO optimize. Word press is design for those people which know the technical background of blogging and not for newbies.

Know more about hosted and self-hosted blog.

Blogger verses word press in turn of earnings
I know many friends which earn up to $50 a month or sometimes even greater than $100 with the free BlogSpot blog, but for word press the story is not true because word press don’t allow you to put AdSense code inside its blog also for BlogSpot user it’s easy to for AdSense and acceptance rate is very high for BlogSpot users, how you earn with word press? You can only earn with affiliate marketing from your free word press hosted blog. BlogSpot made a lot of contribution to be the best, and for that purpose introduce search preference setting, Google web master tools and a lot of other SEO related things, also in 2015 and 2016 a lot of plugins and widgets/gadgets make available for BlogSpot, which make it one of the top 100 most search site. By earning I mean Google AdSense because there is no best alternative available, which is so artificially intelligent and provide good service like Google AdSense, once I tried bidvertizer for my other blog and its ad unit are very different from my blog contents. So word press is good but BlogSpot is best to monetize your work.
Blogger verses word press in turn of technical groom
First of all we discuss word press, word press is for those which know the technical side of website making, for your knowledge I will tell you that website and blog are the same thing but keep in mind every blog Is a website but every website is not a blog, blogging is made easy by word press and blogger. You need to have full knowledge of website development language like CSS, HTML and java to make your website good looking and on the first page of Google.
Now we discuss about blogger, can you ever use a blogger? Yes you find that it’s very easy to make a blog in blogger and use it, even if you don’t know about different website developmental languages you can easy handle your blog the only thing you need is hard work and some research about different constrains like SEO, AdSense earning ETC.
Blogger verses word press in turn of plugins and templates

In this case word press rocks because there is a lot of plugins and free and paid templates available to word press users but in case of blogger there is a lot of plugins but not free templates, there is very few template made available to blogger/BlogSpot users.

That is the whole comparison between word press and blogger hope this help for you to choice the best platform, but my personal suggestion is blogger, because of SEO you easily rank your site and if you do some work on SEO then after 6 to 12 months you easily come to the first page but there is some more factors also…
Sharing is sexy.  

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Earn money by blogging as a Pakistani blogger

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Earn money by blogging as a Pakistani blogger

Can you want to earn money? Can you want to pay your own fee? You need a platform, a platform that provide you the way to earn a lot. As a Pakistani you know that there is a lot of problems like no job opening, a lot of taxes and a lot of expensive lifestyles, for all this you need money. If you want to change your living style then you need just one thing, that is money…… the next big question come to our mind is how? So the answer for this question is either using a paid platform or un paid platform.

A laptop and a button of earn online

Paid platform if you use a paid platform then you have to buy a domain name and hosting from any website like hostgator or GODADY, and publish blog posts.

Unpaid platform if you choose a unpaid platform then you don’t need to give money to the site but your hard work will generate money for you.

So the next big question is how I make money from blogging? So here is some ways that you earn a lot, even $1000 per month or even more just need hard work nothing else.
1) Join an Advertisement Network:
The easiest way to make money from your website is to join an advertising network and then show their ads on your blog. Choosing an ad network might be a tricky task. There are many ad networks available in the market based on CPM, CPC, In-text advertising etc. Analyze and try different ad networks to see which turn out best for you.
CPM – You are paid according to the number of times the advertiser’s banner is displayed on your site. The amount you earn is typically calculated based on the number of thousand impressions of the banner (impressions = number of times the banner is displayed), often abbreviated CPM (cost per thousand, with the M being the Latin numeral for thousand). That is, $10 CPM means that you get paid $10 for 1,000 displays of the banner.
Note: If you want to join CPM ad network, I would suggest trying Adversal.
CPC – Under CPC scheme, you are only paid when visitors click the advertiser’s banner on your site. The amount paid is usually higher than the pay per impression scheme. A high traffic site will probably enjoy a higher click rate than a lower traffic site although you will probably get better results if your banners are carefully selected to suit the target audience of your site. You can show ad banners above the fold, between posts to get maximum CTR.
Note: If you want to join CPC ad network, try Google AdsenseChitika,BidVertiseretc.
You might be interesting in reading following articles:

In-Text Advertising – In-text adverting networks like Infolinks will place sponsored links inside your text. These links come with a double underline or dashed underline to differentiate them from normal links, and once the user rolls the mouse over the link the advertising will pop. Should the user click on it the site owner will make some money.
2) Join an Affiliate Program
Affiliate Marketing is another efficient way to make money. This is a proven way of monetizing a blog and almost all bloggers start out this way. All you need to do is join an Affiliate program like ShareASale or vCommission and market their products and services on your site. This works on CPL and CPS basis. CPL is Cost Per Lead (Lead can be anything whether any visitor watches promoted videos, signs up to the merchant, complete one survey etc). CPS is Cost Per Sale (Whenever your visitor makes a purchase you will receive a commission). Though it is difficult to get conversion but once you promote any sale you get high commission.
You might be interesting in following articles as well-
3) Email Marketing
There are some bloggers who make money through email marketing. They do not advertise or sell any advertise products on their blog. They build an email list by collecting the email address of their visitors and readers and enable them to come up with a solid list of prospective buyers for whichever product you are promoting. You can build and manage list using MailChimp or Aweber. Once you have a large list you can send promotional emails to your email list and make money. But never bombard your readers with lots of emails. Send 1-2 weekly mail with offers you need to provide them with a link to a product or service you are selling.
Note: You can use otinemaster to collect emails from your visitors to turn them into subscribers.
4) Selling ad spaces on your website
You can also sell ad spaces from your website in order to make money. You can always find advertisers under your website niche who are willing to promote their product on your website and in return pay you. You can either reach out to the other advertisers directly or you can make use of networking sites like BuySellAds and connect with the potential marketers. You can create a separate page where you can mention about advertising space that you can provide along with charges that you want in return. E.g. Start with an Introduction about you and your website what is it all about. Also, mention your website stats such as monthly visits and page views and provide sufficient information to advertisers. Then, at last, you can mention about ad spaces that are available on your website such as –
728*90 — Header – $$$
468*60 — Below Post Title – $$$
300*250 – Sidebar – $$$
5) Selling your own products
You can always join an affiliate program and sell merchants’ products and services. But it will be good if you start selling your own products. It is more profitable and can help you to make money. If your website is about SEO or WordPress or Affiliate Marketing then you can create a “How To” e-book and sell it online through your website. Similarly, if your website is about cooking, create a cooking e-book. You can also sell physical products from your website. You just need to configure PayPal or any payment gateway to charge the fee for your products and services.
6) RSS Feed Ads
Website owners have started to find ways to monetize new content distribution channel such as RSS technology. FeedBurner already has its own publisher network, and you can sign-up to start money by displaying CPM based advertising on your feed footer. Bidvertiser recently introduced an RSS feed ad option as well, with a PPC scheme.
7) Offering services to your readers:
Some of the services which most bloggers can offer to make money include – article writing, SEO services, blog designing, WordPress installation and much more. If you have creative writing skills then you can start making e-books for other people at high rates.
8) Related posts
Selling related posts is a relatively new way of earning money. Instead of inter-linking your own related blog posts, you can link to paid posts. You can use a plugin such as Shareaholic which combines your own related posts with paid ones. Popular related post advertising companies are Disqus, Outbrain, Taboola etc.
9) Start a Membership Program:
A membership program implies a paid forum where special contents are made available only for the members. You can set reasonable charges to let your visitors join as members to your forum and then provide additional facilities and services to them in return.
10) Paid Surveys and Polls
There are many companies that will help you to make money to run a small survey or poll on your website. You can sign up with them, and select the kind of polls that you want to run your site. Most of these services operate under a CPM model. An example of such service is Vizu Answers.
11) Writing Paid Reviews:
There are many companies who would readily send you free products for a review. You can write a review on their product or service and in return, those companies would pay you a decent sum to get their free product reviewed. You can also write sponsored posts on your website. It is somewhat similar to writing paid reviews but instead of writing a review, you need to use the name of their product in your post.
12) Creating a conference around the website
If your website takes off and becomes an authority on its niche, you could create a conference around it. Depending on the size of your audience, the event could attract thousands of people, and you could make money directly from conference passes and sponsors.
13) Donations
It may look weird but placing a “Donate” link or button on a website can be an efficient way to earn money, especially if your blog is a niche where readers learn and gain value from your content. There are many plugins available that enables you to insert a customized message at the bottom of each article, asking the readers to chip in for a beer or coffee.
14) Education programs
Education is one of the biggest industries in the world. People are willing to pay for someone or something that will teach them and give them knowledge. You can create an educational program related to the niche of your website. It will be a very profitable job and can earn you handsome income.
15) Sell Your Website
If you have tried all the possible ways to make money from your website but are not able to get success with it, you can sell your website. You can use Flippa, We Buy Websites, FEinternational etc to bid and sell your website. Keep in mind that they most used parameters to determine the value of a website is the monthly revenue that it generates, multiplied by a certain number. So, the main problem with selling your site is deciding when to do it. If you sell it too soon, you might be earning less. If you sell it too late, you may receive less money than you like. The ideal situation is to sell when your website’s income stabilizes for a few months.

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