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How to Earn Money from YouTube in Pakistan | Earn Online in Pakistan

Online earning of money from internet is very passive and easy way to earn money, but it need to understand the basics and the proper knowledge about the earning source and how the earning system works, here in this webner i will teach you how to earn money from YouTube in Pakistan.

There are two types of people who earn money from Pakistan
YouTube earning source- Taken from YouTube

1. Some people make their own videos and upload it to YouTube. Some of them are Sham Idrees and Nadir Khan.

2. The second kind of people copy videos from other people uploaded videos and Re-upload it to Youtube again.

So which one is safe?

Surly the First one.

Use the first one technique.

Know how to earn Money from YouTube?

Here is the step by step Guide to earn money from YouTube in Pakistan

Step 1:
first you need to upload only those videos that are your own.

Step 2:
Now, go to your channel and click on video manager, then click on the channel link on left side of the window.

Picture about YouTube manager. Cour. YouTube
Step 3:
Now you need to click on the Monetization plan and click on Apply for AdSense.
Apply for Adsense there and but you can only do this when your view cross 10k Views.

Step 4:
Adsense team will see you account and when your account obey there rules and policy they will accept you and then you get view money will be added to your Google AdSense account.

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Get a lot of social media follower | be a social media star| Get Followers

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Get a lot of social media follower | be a social media star| Get Followers

You want to get a lot of likes and social media traction so that many people know about you and take a selfie with you so you need to read this article very carefully.

There are a lot of websites which offer the service of increasing your social media followers, but the problem is that they offer there service for money and some people don’t want to pay for it, so we have find a very easy and reliable way to increase your social media followers for free.

So the website name is yes click on this link to go to that site or either search it on Google.

Register yourself with this account and increase your social media followers
But keep in mind that you have to work on it, mean that you have to do the same that you want for yourself.

It is like getting points and make your CTR for whom like your page.
I try it and my one page likes goes from 5K to 11K. It works very fast and very reliable.
Hope it helps you!

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Here is some of our website links that you may like to read:
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How i advertise my startups without using money? Startup Advice | Advertising without Money

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How i advertise my startups without using money? Startup Advice | Advertising without Money

Money is very important factor while considering advertising for your startup, but sometime you need to use the power of your mind to spread your idea of startups.
Here are three steps to advertise your startup idea to people, in a very effective way



    Use the power of mouth:

let say your startup is about an app then how you use the power of your mouth to attract other people, simple. Talk to your friends, family and other stranger to download the app use the following types of features.
2.    Create a game:

Create a game, it
·        Made a sense of creativity
·        It made fun game for people
·        It made a debate with people

3.    Make your business interesting:

Exclusivity: it makes it worth spreading
Fun: it makes it worth effort
Limit of time or quantity, makes it compelling to got quick

Controversial: makes it worth a conversation if they like or not

Sustainable: The idea can be repeated for a long period not short
Then come up with a new game for a viral word of mouth.

Questions and Answers:

Q1: Why we use the above ideas?

A: To save money and to be more famous in industry

Q2: How can we do that?

A: Use social media sites to be viral, make anything that is so controversial and you got more hits.

Q3: Can any startup do it for cheap advertising?

A: Yes, go to any social media site and you will find that many startups are doing it, some offering free things while other offers a game.

Q: How I make my business interesting?

A: Let everyone need to talk about your startup!
Problem Solved!

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Still have any question, post them in the comment section and we will try to answer the question

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Pakistan Army latest technology news | Pak Army

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Pakistan Army latest technology news | Pak Army

Pakistan Army is ranked 6th as biggest and powerful army in the world.
Pakistan has available ManPower is of 95,000,000

Here is some of the statistics that pakistan army has

Reaching military age annually: 4,345,000

Numbers of tanks: 3,000

Self-propelled guns: 565

Armond fighting vehicles: 3,000

Multiple launch rocket system: 150

Pakistan Air power includes:

  • Total aircrafts: 2000
  • Fighters: 5000
  • Transport aircrafts: 261
  • Helicopters: 360
  • Attack Helicopters: 52

Pakistan has a defense budget of $7 Billion which make it the most powerful country amongst the muslim world.

Here is the answer about pakistan army appear at Quora

The Pakistan Army is a professional army, able to hold its own in the environment that it operates in.  Pakistan faces a serious threat from India.  Given the structure and training of the armed forces, it is adequate to blunt any major Indian threat against the country conventionally.  The Army maintains a healthy ratio of manpower and a decent balance in between its fighting and support elements (aka tooth to tail ratio).

Over the past ten years, the Army has invested heavily in training all of its units in the infantry as well as other fighting arms to be able to conduct COIN ops and has implemented in a very significant manner the ability to conduct operations in a network centric mode by incorporating "jointness" in its operations specifically with the Pakistan Air Force.

Historically, all of the wars with India, with the exception of 1971 where Pakistan lost its eastern wing (a territory which became Bangladesh and was separated from the mainland West Pakistan by virtue of the Indian land mass in-between), have been stalemates, which given Pakistan's smaller size and lesser resources is an indication that the Armed Forces of Pakistan can hold their own even against a numerically superior Indian force.  With the operationalization of nuclear weapons by the three military services, Pakistani deterrence against India across the conventional and nuclear spectrum has been strengthened.

Pakistani training schools and instructors are renowned the world over.  Training for foreign officer cadets, special forces, engineering cadres as well as pilots is conducted by the Pakistani military across multiple stages starting from very basic to graduate level courses being offered in "special to arms/service" schools and National Defence University respectively.

In terms of modernization, Pakistan is currently in the middle of implementing the Armed Forced Development Plan 2015 which would ensure adequate capabilities are introduced into all three services through a process of rationalization, standardization and scale.

The military is highly regarded by the Pakistani nation.  Given its a  professional force, selection and induction into the service is highly  coveted and draws a huge pool of applicants, of which only the best are  selected and sent to the military academies.

Outside observers view Pakistani military as a competent fighting force with well trained and motivated officer corps and ranks.  During foreign courses and joint exercises, Pakistani officers have traditionally done well.  The Army is retooling itself to be able to conduct low intensity operations as well as being trained to handle large force engagements.


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Why Google mail is free | Secrets of Gmail | Google mail top earning source

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Why Google mail is free | Secrets of Gmail | Google mail top earning source

Google mail is one of the Google biggest startup that provide free access to peoples to send or receive emails. Most of the people consider it Free but in reality it is not free, yes one thing is obvious that it is free but Google use peoples to generate money from it.

Google always make its first priority to provide service to people and keeps money second, that is why you are using Gmail free.

Any idea that is implanted has some plans about money making so if you have a very brilliant idea but no idea how it generate money then you need to think twice.

Google is a tech giant and at the same time they want to rule on internet for this reason they brought every product that help them to extend rule and make money, that is why Google buy YouTube and Alphabet and ABC.XYZ

Can you know that Google know your age, name, location and type of thing you do on internet through Gmail and they use all these things to show ads that has more probability to get a click from you, so how?

Let me explain: let say you search about Web hosts on Google search and after a minute a friend called you to visit his site because he upload new content and he want that you read it. You visit that site and you will surprise that you see a ad related to webhost, so the probability that you click on ad is very high, that is the whole business model.

Google also use your Gmail data to sold it to different companies and they send you some type of advertising and Google takes a commission out of it.

Last but least

“If anything is free for you on internet world then consider yourself a product”
 Problem solved!
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How to Use Facebook to Find Internship |Find latest internship using Facebook |Facebook Jobs

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How to Use Facebook to Find Internship |Find latest internship using Facebook |Facebook Jobs

Facebook has over 2 billion users and one of the best social media website in whole world. Facebook mission is to connect world.

Many people regularly share jobs and internships on their timeline to inform their friends or family members about certain type of internship or job.

Some people in simple do not share it with other because of job insecurity or professional jealousy reasons.

But don’t worry, we are here for you people always be there.
So login into your Facebook account and go to Search toolbar

Type the word that you need or simply type internship

So here a lot of opportunities open for you go and apply for your favorite internship!
Problem solved!

Hope it helps

Sharing this post so it helps others!

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How to use Facebook to find Girlfriend | Facebook as Dating App | Find Girlfriend using Facebook

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Facebook has over 2 billion users and one of the best social media website in whole world. Facebook mission is to connect world.

If you are still a single then this post is very helpful to find a beloved girlfriend and a best friend for your life.

We will go step by step to find a girlfriend for you, be keep in mind that it also depend upon your geographic and the behavior of girls toward you!

Step 1: 

Login into your Facebook account and set a very good-looking picture of yourself that look very attractive.
Open Microsoft office and write a very beautiful intro of yourself. Save it!

Step 2:

Go to the search bar of Facebook and type the name of any girl send them friend request plus the intro that you make in step 1.
Do the same for about 100 girls
Here go!

Login to your Facebook account at least 2 or 3 girls give you a reply.
Communication is very important in any relationship; no communication no relation.
So communicate with her to involve with her in relationship.

Problem solved!

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

How you use technology so that it help you instead of harm you | Green Technology use it |technology Blog

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How you use technology so that it help you instead of harm you | Green Technology use it |technology Blog

Technology is very important element of our life, we can live without it, it influence our life so that we can enjoy our life without it.

Every big or small invention have advantages and disadvantages but it all depend on individual how he/she use it for his work or leisure.

We are here to develop some best methods of how to use technology in a better way

How to use internet in better way?

You can easily search and enter into any of the pornographic material using internet aside from adult material there are many more things like dark world that effect you life the most, if you overuse them, so how you use internet in a positive way
You have a problem go and search it on Google and YouTube there is a lot of free content available that give you the possibility of not going toward paid sites such as and

How to use other technology in a better way?

Keep in mind the golden rule

“Understand anything and you will learn it automatically”
So if you are using any technology your priority should be to understand the thing then apply it with a definite care.
Hope it Helps you.

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Definition of Industrial engineering |scope | Best Universities in Pakistan | Majors

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Definition of Industrial engineering |scope | Best Universities in Pakistan | Majors

Industrial engineering is defined as
“Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment and energy. It draws upon specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical, physical, and social sciences together with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design to specify, predict, and evaluate the results to be obtained from such system”.
The degree of industrial engineering is evidenced by the wide range of such activities as research in biotechnology, development of new concepts of information processing, design of automated factories, and operation of incentive wage plans.

Industrial engineering education in Pakistan:
Topics that later evolved into industrial engineering subjects were initially taught as special courses in mechanical engineering departments. The first separate departments of industrial engineering were established at Pennsylvania State University and at Syracuse University in 1908.

An IE option in mechanical engineering was established at Purdue University in 1911.
The practice of having an IE option within a mechanical engineering department was the predominant pattern until the end of World War II.
Following the World War II, separate IE departments were established in colleges and universities throughout the country.


 How did the two words “industrial” and “engineering” become combined to form the label “industrial engineering”?

What is the relationship of industrial engineering to other engineering disciplines, to business administration, to the social sciences?

To understand the role of industrial engineering (IE) in today’s complex world, it is helpful to learn the historical developments that were involved in the progress of IE.

Principles of early engineering were first taught in military academies and were concerned primarily with road and bridge construction and defenses.

Interrelated advancements in the fields of physics and mathematics laid the groundwork for practical applications of mechanical principles.

The first significant application of electrical science was the development of the telegraph by Samuel Morse (1840).

Thomas Edison’s invention of the carbon lamp (1880) led to widespread use of electricity for lighting purposes.

The science of chemistry is concerned with understanding the nature of matter and learning how to produce desirable changes in materials.

Fuels were developed needed for the new internal combustion engines.
Lubricants were needed for mechanical devices.
Protective coatings were needed for houses, metal products, ships, and so forth.

Five major engineering disciplines (civil, chemical, electrical, industrial, and mechanical) were the branches of engineering that came out prior to the 1st  World War.

Developments following 2nd World War led to other engineering disciplines, such as nuclear engineering, electronic engineering, aeronautical engineering, and even computer engineering.

Industrial Engineering emerged as a profession as a result of the industrial revolution and the accompanying need for technically trained people who could plan, organize, and direct the operations of large complex systems.

The need to increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations was also an original stimulus (encouragement, origin) for the emergence of industrial engineering.

Some of the best university that offer Industrial engineering in Pakistan are
University of engineering and technology, Peshawar
University of engineering and technology, Lahore
National university of science and technology, Islamabad
NED, Karachi

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Material study for engineers | importance of material study for engineer’s

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Material study for engineers | importance of material study for engineer’s

In many of the today technologies, the primary emphasis is on mechanical properties of materials used. For example the components used in car, laptop or bicycle must be light weight, strong and able to with stand a certain amount of force.

In many applications, the mechanical properties of the material play an important
Role, even though the primary function is electrical, magnetic, optical, or biological. For
Example, an optical fiber must have a certain level of strength to withstand the stresses
Encountered in its application.

The mechanical properties of materials must also be understood so that we can process materials into useful shapes using materials processing techniques.

Know what are the factor behind the mechanical properties of material: so the factor are that of chemical bonding of atoms and their structure, as you know metal are very hard to break as compared to polythene so we concluded from this that metal have strong bonding then polythene.

Some of the material are very strong to break will other are very weak and break very easily when load is applied this is all due to chemical bonding, because the atoms present in the material don’t have the power to withstand the applied force.

So for engineer following properties of materials are very important

1.    Ductility
2.    Strain
3.    Stress
4.    Temperature
5.    Structure of material
6.    Hardness or stiffness

Ductility is the property of material to withstand force after proportional limit or yield point, may be in some case you require a ductile material and in other may a non-ductile material so it’s all depend on situation.

Strain is the deformation produce divide with original length, strain is most important factor considering for designing of any component.

Temperature has also effect on properties of materials like for an engineer it is important to know that how certain type of material react to temperature difference and how it’s properties worries with temperature change.  

So for an engineer if he/she wants to design anything then he must consider the above six constrains.

As we already know that engineer design system so an electrical engineer design electrical system, mechanical engineer design mechanical systems, civil engineer design roads and construction system and industrial engineer design industrial products and systems, so all need material for their work, so understanding the use of right material at right place make a better product or system.

Feel free to comment if I miss something or you have a better idea or any tip about material study for engineers | importance of material study for engineer.

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