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The Principles Of Success By Imran Khan PTI Chairman

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The Principles Of Success By Imran Khan PTI Chairman  

Recently i passed with a video in which Imran Khan, the chairman and the founder of the Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf, in which he says if you want big success in life then follow this three Golden rule that i followed in my life. 

  1. Think Big
  2. Don't Quiet
  3. Review your Mistakes. 
Let me explain every point with the description.
1. Think Big: 
When you think big, you have objectives that is more difficult to access and for that reason you do the hard work to achieve that goals. The bigger you think the more you achieve from the life.

Think Big By Imran Khan

Those who think big, is the one who achieve highness. 
Thinking is the one of the best trait that differentiate between a human and a animal, some people think about things that matter to them most of the time.

But, never confuse think big with a goal that is not achievable or impossible to achieve. Think big is the goal and now the hard work is going to the way to it.

To think big, there will be a lot of people who will discourage you and at the same time make fun of your ideas, you have to proof them that what you promise them is what you achieve.

How to increase your power of Thinking?
1. Read Books
2. Observe people and get lessons from their actions.
3. Watch Documentaries.
4. Consume at least 100 GB of Information every day.

All these things will help you to be a better person and at the same time be a better thinker.

2. Don't Quiet: 

A person was digging a hole in which there is a probability of Gold Mine, but he leave it, a poor man passes through that way and try to do the same for just 5 Minutes, he found a Gold mine which worth Millions of Dollar, the end of the story is that Those who quiet the job because it is not happening is the one who is losses at the end of the day.

Keep trying, keep trying and keep trying. Every time use a different strategy to same thing and at the same time don't try to make it better.

How to Motivate yourself?
1. Keep reading books
2. Read the book "17 Steps toward riches"
3. Always wake up early in the morning and do prayer and read and write what you love.

My Favorite:
It is never too late to do anything.
4. Do a Cold Bathing
5. Exercise

3. Review your Mistakes:
According to Wasim Akram; a Pakistani Cricket player, when the match is ended, we get to sleep and Imran Khan, the captain, watch the highlights of the match and at morning command us the things that we did wrong in the match.

Next time they play excellent.

So, a person that never do a mistake never learn anything new. If you want to learn something from life go out and do something that you never did before.

When we fail, we learn lessons. Keep in Mind that you only learn lessons when you do a mistake or experienced failure.

There is only two word in this universe, either you will win or you will learn lessons. But, note that if you succeed celebrate it but do more hard work and if you fail, give it a review and try to try next time more intelligently.

In This blog post i explain things that the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-insaaf Imran Khan tell to his fellows during an interview.

And at the end of the post, my favourure quote of Elon Musk
If Something is important enough, give it a try even if the least probable outcome is Failure 

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