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The Miracle Morning Shortest Review Get The Main Idea of The Book

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The Miracle Morning Shortest Review Get The Main Idea of The Book

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In Miracle morning there is a new technique that’s called “The Life S.A.V.E.R.S”

S is for Silence:
Most people start their day with the social media, checking Emails and stuff, that most people find it difficult to be successful. Successful people are the daily practitioners of the silence.
You have a Numbers of Choices to practice the silence that may be in the form of
  §  Prayer
  §  Yoga
  §  Gratitude

A is for Affirmation:
Affirmation is the tool that one need to remainder himself of what he want to be in future, what is his future goals, the reminder must be on daily basis.

V is for Visualization:
Visualization is a technique for using your imagination to create what you want in life.
How to do that?
First, write your life goals or goals, second, read it every day, third, Set for five to ten minutes to visualize the specific actions required to achieve your goal(s).

E is for Exercise:
A Few Minutes of Exercise can boost up your confidence, improves your health and your emotional well being.

R is for Reading:
If you want to be the most successful person then you need to do what 99% of the successful people recommends and that is Reading. One of the tony Robins famous Quotes is “Success Leaves Clues.”

S is for Scribing:
Scribing is another word for Writing. By getting your thoughts in the words form you get additional insides, ideas and breakthroughs. As Tony Robins has Said “A life Worth living is a life worth recording”

Final Thoughts on “The Life S.V.A.R.A.S”

Everything is difficult before it is easy; every new experience is uncomfortable before it is comfortable. The more you practice the life S.V.A.R.A.S the more natural and easy it will be look like.

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