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How to Brand Yourself in Pakistan or India | Be A Brand In Pakistan Or India

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     How to Brand Yourself in Pakistan or India | Be A Brand In Pakistan Or India

Branding is defined as to promote yourself or your company and create a positive image in the society or in the country. Branding is very important for the purpose to increase your influence and impression in the society.

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So, here are the 3 most important things that you need in order to Brand yourself or your Company.

1. Social Media Presence:
First thing first, the most important of all time is to increase your social following. According to one report of Facebook “They now have a user base of 2 Billion” yes, you hear it right. Facebook has more than 35% of the world population, this mean that you need to engages your followers and to make sure that you get more followers, more followers means more users or more sale of your products.
In Pakistan or India, people use Facebook a lot and for that purpose you need to approach your target audience through either paid or Organic way in order to get them on the table.

2. Do a Charity Work:
To get something in this world you must have to pay something for that. And at the same time if you want to get a following then you need to do a charity work. Here in Pakistan or In India there is a lot of poor and deserving people out there, you can organize a charity party or even make an NGO for Charity purpose, appear out there and try to do everything that you need to show your face.

3. Appear In The TV:
Again, People of Both the countries, Pakistan and India, consume their 10 to 15 years of their life in front of TV. This is why you need to show them your face, when you show them your face and your name then they only thing they do is to search for you, to find your lifestyle, then they may be your permanent follower.
Come up with a better idea in front of your Target audience or the industry you work in. Do a thing that your followers attract the most.

4. Do Visit any Seminar:
If a seminar is happening near to you then try to contribute, try to do things sometimes free of cost but keep in mind that don’t tell the whole story. Always never tell your whole thing to the person that want something for free but just guide him.

5. Write Article In Newspaper:
People of Pakistan and India mostly interest in Politics so try to write an article about Politics or a political party. People will recognize you when you write twice or thrice.
Create a Game:
This one is my Favorite. When you create a game, then people will take a interest in it. How to create a game? This is a very tricky question but still a soluble one.
How to create a game?
Do something that is very controversial and note worthy but keep in mind the limits. Don’t cross the limits but choose a topic that you see some points to create controversy. As, you may heard a famous quote “Every Advertising is a positive advertising

What you need to promote yourself or your Company?
Can you know about Google? Yes, everyone knows about Google, Google is a search engine but can you know about QQ. No. a Chinese may know about QQ and Google too. Why? Because, people who knows Google are more than QQ. So that people promote the name of the Google.
When you make yourself a brand or your company a brand then whatever you present in front of your audience they love it and want to buy at. In Corporate world, Customer is the king. So, the only thing you have is to approach a person that want your product, and when you show them the right product and the quality product they come again and again.
Things that you need to keep in Mind while branding yourself:
A. Make sure that you have expertise in a specific field.

B. Always approach your audience, your target audience. Let me give you an example, let say you approach a person who is age 50 and he become your follower but you are producing a thing that is not for that person but a person for age group 11 to 20. Then your approach is not good and you should review your mistake and try to target those who are your target group.

C. Don’t ever try to tell yourself that you learned everything about your topic of interest. If you stop reading, you stop learning. And those who is in competition with you will win the race.

So, last but not least, appear everywhere your target audience is appearing, either through social media site or through charity work. Keep reading and learn a very bit of information that is necessary for your skill.

So, this is all about branding yourself in Pakistan or In India. You still have question about any content then try to ask them in the comment section. 

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