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How To Be More Productive In Pakistan Or India | Be a Productive Person In Asia

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     How To Be More Productive In Pakistan Or India | Be a Productive Person In Asia

Productivity is the world that we often used for our Worker in the company but we never think of the productivity that is related to us. For me Productivity of a person is “The person who do wok which is required for him, or demanded,  and at the same day he should do things what makes him happy”

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So, here are six most important things you need to be more productive:

Make friends that are more productive then you:
As a famous saying is “You is the average of your all friends” So, keep friends that are more productive then you. If your friends are not enough productive then this means they will also don’t allow you to work or distribute you from working.

Wake Up at Morning:
Most of the successful people wake up early at the morning and this is so true that those who wake up early in the morning perform better than those who are night owls.
If you want to know more about this topic read the book “The Miracle Morning” or Try to read this short review of The Miraclemorning.

Find a time that you feel more Productive:
It is not necessary to wake up early in the morning just because a lot of people succeed using the early morning approach.
Find a time that you can do the best of the work on that time and then try to just do a specific task at that time with no mobile phones or other disturbing gadgets.

Do 1 thing every day that you never do before:
Do, one thing every day that you never do it before, when you do things that you never do that, your mind can have a multiple type of experience and then with the passing time you mind also get trained of new circumstances and can perform better during stress situation.

The 10 Point Rule:
When you wake at the morning, try to write 10 most importance things that you will do before you got sleep.

Let say I completed the nine things to do and can’t do the remaining one then try to figure out what wrong happens. The other approach is that if you completed the eight points, then this mean you get 8 Marks and do that for every day and write it down.

At the end of the week tries to sum up all the numbers and divide it with 7. You will get the average of the week.
If you lies between 8 to 10 then it is good, if not then you need to take the 10 points rule quiet serious.

Just do that:
You got a assignment or anything to do a work, don’t wait for the perfect time, don’t wait for the time that you don’t have any work, just do that.

There is no perfect time for anything to do. Just do whatever is in your mind. The world is full of opportunities and don’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door, just create the one.

So, if you want to be more productive then you need to have the best plan and do apply all the steps I have shown In this blog post. Keep reading and don’t waste your time in things that you don’t have any interest.

Keep in mind that the time that you spend on things that you like is not time wasted but instead Time invested.

Everybody in this world wants two things “Happiness and Security”

If You is doing anything for these two then it is ok. Go!
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  1. I agreed with your views thanks for sharing. Now a days it is very necessary to be a productive person.