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9 Ways to Earn Money Online In Pakistan | Earn Money Online with these 9 Ways

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9 Ways to Earn Money Online In Pakistan | Earn Money Online with these 41 Way:

Can you want to earn money online In Pakistan? Can You want to earn a lot of money from the internet? Can you want to be a millionaire? All these 9 ways that I want to tell you is the most trusted and the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan.

earn money online through internet in pakistan

Blogging is the most reliable method to earn money from the Internet. If You Don’t know that what is blogging? Then I introduce you to this terminology. The word blogging mean write something about a topic or your daily experience. So, when you write about a specific topic on the internet that makes your blog. How you can Earn Money through the blog? You can earn money through your blog either through adding Google AdSense ads on your blog, sell your own staff or do affiliate marketing.
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Making Your own Apps:
In This source of online money earning the money earning source is again the same as Blogging: you can earn money through Google AdSense only. If you have profound experience in application making for Android and Mac operating systems then you can make an application that really helps a lot of people and upload it to the Google Play Store and Apple store. When people download your application, Google AdSense will run ads on your application, so you can earn money through it.

Through YouTube:
 YouTube is only platform in the world that makes people “Millionaire” not in Rupees but in Dollars. So, if you have passion to make videos and have interesting ideas about different kinds of Videos then you need to try your luck in the YouTube platform. The first thing you need to learn is “YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” then you must have  a video editing skills then you will be able to get money through your videos. When People watch your videos, Google AdSense will display ads on your videos and when someone click on it, you will get the money out of it.

Through Online stores:
There is some of the stores that give you the opportunity to sell your products and deleiver it to the customers, the main objective that they have to provide you the opportunity to show your products and they charge some money from you, as a subscription fee. Stores like shopify do the same to earn money and so the people who sell products on it, also.

Through MindSumo:
Can you have the engineer mind and want to solve problems, based on this things companies present you the problems that they need solution and so you find a solution for their problem. MindSumo will provide you the platform. It Works on the simple principle, Solve problem, if the company like you solution they will reward you money and some will give you a job too.
I Myself work for the Mindsumo and earns a money reward.
Once you solve a problem, companies also give you a certificate; which you can use to mention it on your resume. 
Through PTC Sites:
This is another way of earning money. If you want my personnel recommendation then I want to say that I don’t like it. This method is good for those people who has  a lot of time and want to convert his/her time into something that I better than that of the wasting.
So, there are some sites that pay people when they click on the ads that they show you on your user interference.

Through Survey Sites:
In this you need to perform some survey and they pay you the money.

Through Selling Websites names: 
This business is the most interesting but still it need a lot of hard work to earn money through it. In this method you need to buy a domain names and get hosting and then when it get enough traffic you can sell it online.
Through Affiliate Marketing:
This method is only for those people who have already a built up websites with a lot of traffic coming from United states and United Kingdom. In this method the company pay you a commission by selling their products. This method is used by today internet blogging and an ever green method to earn a whole bunch of money.

So, in this article i try to give you the idea of how to earn money through Internet through online way. Keep in Mind that all these methods are ever green methods to earn a huge sum of money but the only promise that you need to do is to do Hard work. 

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