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How to Make Money Like and


How to Make Money Like and  

Can You ever Heard of the name of this Pakistani Sites such as and, how they make out of there visitor, in this article i am going to tell you every bit of information about them and will also help you to get money out of your account.

First of all both these sites use Google AdSense to earn money from their visitors and this make them eligible to make content that shock the world.

Can You want to earn Money like How and earns in Pakistan then you need to create content that shock the world.

Things You need to get started:
1. A blog
2. A Facebook Page
3. A Google AdSense account.
4. Creator of content

Let discuss each and every topic one by one.

1. A Blog: 
A blog is a place where you will write articles about. This may be your owned domain like or may be hosted on Blogger or other hosted platform like .tk domain. The question that need to be ask is "Why we Need a Blog"? So, the answer is you need a blog because this will provide a place to peoples to view your content and also you have to create a space for your blogs.

  1. Install Google AMP on Your Blogger 
  2. Create a Free Blogger blog and earns $2 per day
2. A Facebook Page:
This is how sites like UrduPoint and JavedCh bring traffic from. Here is the latest screenshot attached which shows us the amount of likes of both the pages have. facebook page

So How they earn Money?

They just publish a article on Their site and if someone click on their site then they got paid.
So, why a Facebook Page is Important?

  • To get Traffic
  • To get Exposure 
Look at the above UrduPoint Page they have 8 Million Likes and they will probably earns $500 per day with just Internet and a Facebook page. 

So, Make a Good looking Facebook page and then write articles that stimulate people to visit your site. 

The Link says a Thousand word.

3. A Google AdSense Account:
If You want to start a viral blogging site then you must need a Powerful Monetizing tool called Google AdSense to make money out of the visitor coming from Social media. Keep in mind that social media traffic is often recognized as a Cheap Traffic and  Google AdSense is not gonna pay you more then $0.02 per Click but if you have a large traffic say 500K then this may help you to earn that much amount of money.

Here are some of the articles that you need to read:

4. A Creator:
A Creator help you to make content every hour and help you to make your Facebook page followers engaging and get a lot of traffic to get money out of it.

When you need to hire a content writer?
Let say, you have a traffic of 100k per day and you got 10 Clicks per 1000 visitors, so for 100k you got 10,00 clicks and you may got a money of $200. That is a good amount and you may easily hire a good content writer.

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Hope you may like this blog post and may share it with other people, this article explain the whole set of information that you need to know about the earning model of and Still have any question, ask in comment section.

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  1. its really important idea. thanks a lot for this post

  2. Thank you for you post and idea of how to earn money like javedch. Con

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  4. Wonderful Article & beautifully written I must say. I've been trying to write few blogs however, I've been a Big, Bigger, Biggest failure in the "Adsense" approval. I don't know what extra I need to do to get an approval from Google Adsense. I've tried it 3-4 times and my application has been rejected ALWAYS... :(