Friday, 8 September 2017

Space Week is coming this Year at UET, Peshawar 7 ideas for space week project

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Space Week is coming this Year at UET, Peshawar

Can you want to perform at Space week this year at University of engineering and technology from 4th of october to 10 of october 2017, then don't wait and apply as soon as possible.

Name of Projects you can present
1. Designing a Rocket
2. Astronaut Costume 
3. Researching about a Specific Topic related to space
4. Space Music
5. Designing an app that helps astronauts 
6. Doing a Public survey about Space and present your findings
7. How to land on Mars?? 

So, don't waste your time and prepare for the space week.

space week

How this helps you?

This will help you to understand the underlying facts space while your exploring about space, for project you will definitely need to have a research and present your results in front of audiences.

Good Luck for the upcoming space week at UET Peshawar from 4th of october to 10th of october 2017.

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